uh-oh! Sleeping Bags – bed time made zippy

Posted by Diana on Wednesday Nov 12, 2014 Under Baby Clothes

After an active day of play and discovery it is a relief when Baby goes down to sleep with ease. To make the transition to bed as simple as possible, we follow the same steps of bath, story, cuddles, sleeping bag and bed each night. So far, Baby has been easy to settle and I believe our uh-oh! sleeping bag is helping make bed time zippy in our household.

With summer upon us, Baby is currently wearing a sleeveless 0.5 tog pink multi-stripe sleeping bag to bed. The sleeping bag is all Baby needs other than a bottom sheet to cover the mattress. The uh-oh! sleeping bag fits Baby’s small frame and is stretch enough to ensure my little contortionist is always comfortable. I have found the zippers to be really good quality and versatile with two zip heads making it super simple. The zip heads are covered with a tab to ensure my Baby will be comfortable in her sleeping bag all night.

The only tricky thing is assessing the correct tog for your baby’s bedroom. Tog is a European warmth rating for bedding, it is used in children’s sleeping bags to guide parents and carers when selecting the correct weight sleeping bag for each season.

The ideal bedroom temperature is believed to be approximately 18C. A simple way to check if your Baby is not too hot or too cold, is to gently place your hand between their shoulder blades – they should feel warm, not hot. I found these clothing indicators really handy:

  • 0.5 tog – Sleeveless unpadded sleeping bag. Bedroom temperature from 20C upwards. Short sleeve summer bodysuit.
  • 2.5 tog – Sleeveless padded sleeping bag. Bedroom temperature between 16C to 20C. Long sleeve pyjamas or sleepy suit.
  • 3.0 tog – Long Sleeve padded sleeping bags. Colder climates and bedrooms that fall below 16C. Long sleeve light weight pyjamas or sleepy suit.

The fantastic thing about uh-oh! Sleeping Bags is they are designed in Australia with our temperatures and seasons in mind. In fact, this year uh-oh! turns 20 – after designing, manufacturing and supplying safe and comfortable sleeping bags for babies in Australia since 1994.

There are six different sized uh-oh! sleeping bags, with the largest being size 4. So even your biggest baby can be snug and warm. Your little one can progress to uh-oh! sleepwear and blankets when they are no longer wearing their gorgeous sleeping bags.

All uh-oh! Sleeping Bags and Sleepwear comply and exceed the Australian & NZ Safety Standards for Children Nightwear. Visit the Skeanie website to find out more about the full range of uh-oh! Sleeping Bags and Sleepwear.


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New Bonds Baby Wear

Posted by Diana on Monday Feb 18, 2013 Under Baby Clothes

Bonds_Baby_DollNew Season Bonds Baby Wear is out this month! The revamped Wondersuit with safe protective zip front is our favourite here at Babyreview.com.au.

The wondersuit retains it’s beloved features of rich terry fabric, fold over mittens for hands and feet – only with added zip! The front zip makes it quick and easy to dress baby.

Checkout the new Wondersuit on the Bonds website, while you’re there, download the new Bonds App to shop online for all your trusty Bonds favourites and new collection from your phone.

We love the Bonds model in the new wondersuit too – you may recognise her from posts on Babyreview.com.au  The Bonds Baby Search 2013 is being launched on Tuesday 19th March – for all the details checkout the Bonds website.

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Oh my, Oishi-m funky threads for baby!

Posted by Diana on Thursday Jan 26, 2012 Under Baby Clothes, Baby presents

I’m always looking out for unique clothing for Baby, pieces which are as individual as Baby herself. As serendipity would have it, I found Oishi-m a clothing line sized from newborn through to busy little people designed in Jan Juc and made in Melbourne.

Oishi-m (pronounced Oy-she-em) incorporates kimono, vintage and retro fabrics together with denim and cotton, to create everything from sensational skinny jeans to show-stopping limited edition garments.

The first piece Baby tries on are the Oishi-m Skinny Jeans. These statement skinny jeans are beautifully crafted from denim and kimono fabrics. The skinny jeans include a gorgeous ‘Tummy Toastie’ an elasticised waist to fit Baby’s tummy to keep it warm and covered. The tummy toastie means that not only will these jeans accommodate growth in leg length, they will accommodate growth around Baby’s waist too!

The cutest feature of the skinny jeans is the ample nappy bottom space. In fact, the typical Baby silhouette which usually includes a bulge around Baby’s bottom is accentuated in a very practical, yet humorous way by the Oishi-m skinny jeans – the nappy bulge becomes a focal point created through the use of eye-catching kimono fabric with the Oishi-m logo. It’s individual, it’s cute and it’s good fun all at once!

There is definitely a Japanese flavour in the Oishi-m garment range. “Oishi” in Japanese means “yummy” and “m” is for the “mini-one”. The skinny jeans Baby is wearing are called ‘A Tad Tasty Skinny Jean’ and include a little longer leg length which is perfect for Baby who has long legs and tall is for her age. The cute leg cuffs can be rolled down as her little legs grow even longer! The oishi-m skinny jeans are suitable for both little girls and little boys.

For a truly girly garment, I couldn’t resist the ‘Bountiful Skirt’. This skirt beautifully features fabric panels of vintage floral, precious paisley and broderie anglaise. The stripy in-built knickers are super cute and the piece is completed with a signature tummy-toastie. Baby looks just as comfy and yummy in her Oishi-m skirt as she did in her skinny jeans!

To see the full range of Oishi-m’s garments for babies and toddlers visit: www.oishi-m.com

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Hip Little Bubba

Posted by Diana on Tuesday Jul 19, 2011 Under Baby Clothes, Baby presents

I must admit I love dressing Baby up in co-ordinated outfits. Whether it’s going to the playground or attending a friend’s birthday party, Baby always looks undisputedly hip. She has even started helping me dress her, pointing to the shoes and hats she’d like to wear with her outfit.

I was excited when a friend told me about Hip Little Bubba – an online boutique with funky clothes for babies and toddlers. The first time I visited the site, I spent hours looking through the gorgeous range of clothes and shoes for Bubba and of course some exquisite products for the Yummy Mummy too! It’s not just clothes and shoes (as much as we love clothes and shoes) there is a wide range of sleeping bags (look at those Grobags), muslin wraps, nursing covers, nappy bags, nursery decorations, classic toys and more.

I make no secret that I love shopping for baby products online and I have encountered many websites in my pursuit to buy quality baby products. Hip Little Bubba makes the online shopping experience fun and really easy. The website is bright and colourful with well photographed products neatly categorised. On the left hand side of the site, there is a helpful preview pane where you can see all the products, your cart, brands stocked, specials and best of all – viewed products. In the flurry of looking at so many funky baby products on Hip Little Bubba, it was good to have a record of the viewed products as it gave me a good short list. You can create a wishlist of your favourite products too!

From my short list I decided on the fabulous Bali inspired Hip Little Bubba Ava Harem Pants. These pants are made from 100% balinese cotton with elasticised ankles and waist. The pants which are super comfy for Bubba are available in lilac and fuchsia. I decided on two cheeky tees made from organic cotton – the Hip Little Bubba Cheeky Monkey tee and the Classic Hip Little Bubba tee. The tees have envelope necks for easy dressing. I couldn’t resist the Cheeky Little Soles white with love heart shoes as well.

The Cheeky Little Soles shoes are made from super soft leather, with cotton lining and black padded soles for extra comfort and protection. Baby who is currently perfecting her walking technique, loves wearing her new shoes which feature non-slip soles making it very easy for her to walk. The shoes are constructed with no uncomfortable open seams and feature a pretty design of colourful love hearts. The generous sizing means Baby will be wearing her Cheeky Little Sole shoes throughout the Queensland winter and summer too!

Hip Little Bubba is based in Hong Kong and ships everywhere. In fact, Australia is one of their biggest markets. My parcel arrived in Australia within seven days wrapped in gorgeous fuchsia paper and protected by a padded bag. The products from Hip Little Bubba would make funky presents and Gift Vouchers are available too. Bring out the hip in you and check out Hip Little Bubba for yourself!

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Gallery of my Hip Little Bubba

Posted by Diana on Tuesday Jul 19, 2011 Under Baby Clothes

A gallery of images showing Baby wearing Hip Little Bubba

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SKEANIE boots were made for walking

Posted by Diana on Tuesday Jun 7, 2011 Under Baby Clothes, Baby grooming, Baby presents

Baby is a winter baby, born at the beginning of winter last year. Like her mother, Baby simply adores shoes! This time last year, it was knitted booties in a broad spectrum of colours which adorned her tiny feet. This year given her increased mobility, need for warmth, comfort and of course style – she is wearing the SKEANIE UGG!

Made from soft leather, with a furry lining and dark suede sole, the SKEANIE UGG is perfect for indoors and outdoors. It is well stitched and assembled, with an elasticised collar which allows the boots to be gently stretched and put on Baby’s feet. It is reassuring to know SKEANIE is a preferred provider of the Australian Podiatry Association (NSW).

SKEANIE UGGs are not only warm and comfortable for this cool winter weather, they are super stylish. Given it is birthday party season for Baby and her friends, she has been sporting her SKEANIE UGGs to many of her friends parties and even wore them to her own birthday party. She’s had lots of compliments on her new boots.

Baby is the biggest fan of her new boots. When I am dressing her, Baby squirms and points to her UGGs. She picks them up and even trys to put them on her feet herself! Once the boots are on, she leaps up and walks around – it seems these SKEANIE boots were made for walking and that’s just what she’ll do!

SKEANIE UGGs are available in a wide range of fashion colours, I couldn’t resist choosing red for Baby. To complete her stylish look, Baby has a red skirtle with white stars and red socks with white stars – all from SKEANIE.

You may be asking yourself – What is a skirtle? It is defined on the SKEANIE website as a garment hanging from the waist with a snug stretchable garment covering the legs from the waist down. Simply put it is an all-in-one ruffled knit skirt and footless tight combo. As you can see from the picture, Baby looks gorgeous in her SKEANIE skirtle, matching socks and SKEANIE UGGs.

The SKEANIE UGG is available in sizes Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. The SKEANIE website cleverly includes a chart with Baby Shoe Sizes which I printed out check the size of Baby’s feet. I put Baby’s foot against the piece of paper and determined she was a Medium. I found the SKEANIE website easy to navigate and Baby’s UGGs arrived a couple of days after I placed the order online. To see the full range of SKEANIE Shoes, Skirtles and Socks, visit the SKEANIE website.

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All Smocked Up

Posted by Diana on Friday May 20, 2011 Under Baby Activities, Baby Clothes, Feeding Baby

Baby has found her artistic side and is becoming quite the painter! Since Baby started painting at 10 months, she has honed her finger painting and hand printing skills to create contemporary masterpieces for her parents and grandparents.

To protect Baby’s clothes during her artistic experimentation, I have been using the BabyBjorn Eat & Play Smock. It is a central piece of equipment for her painting and she squeals with excitement when she sees me unfolding the smock ready for her to put on.

The BabyBjorn Eat & Play Smock is designed for children from 8 months to 3 years old. I simply slide her arms through the sleeves and the firm, soft elastic cuffs ensure the smock stays put. I secure the smock with two sets of fasteners at the back – one behind her neck and one lower down. The set of fasteners around the neck of the smock accommodates two sizes: babies with small necks and toddlers with large necks. The design of the Eat & Play Smock is simple and roomy – it splays outwards and allows freedom to move.

Baby is visibly excited once wearing her smock, as she is aware she is about to begin painting. So I sit her in her highchair, put a piece of paper and a palette of red, blue and yellow paint, on her highchair tray in front of her. I can’t resist putting a little hat on my punky baby to keep the hair off her face (and complete the artistic look)!

Baby looks at the palette with focussed concentration, dabs her finger in the blue paint and then smears her finger across the page. She then mixes the colours together and adds fingerprints all over the page in different colours. Finally, she presses her right hand in the mixed paint and puts a hand print in the bottom right hand corner of the page – as if to sign her artwork. Then with her painted right hand, Baby gestures to me that she is finished and I proceed to wipe her hands and smock.

The BabyBjorn Eat & Play Smock has faired well, showing durability during this road test and has succeeded in protecting Baby’s clothing too! The smock is easy to wipe clean and although it doesn’t need it this time, I’m pleased the smock is machine washable. The material of the smock is not only waterproof but lightweight and breathable.

While I mostly use the BabyBjorn Soft Bib for mealtimes, it’s great to know I have the BabyBjorn Eat & Play Smock for those messier meals. Since Baby has such a positive association playing in the smock she doesn’t hesitate to put it on for mealtimes too. I have the BabyBjorn Smock in Bright Red featuring the cute teddy bear motif which co-ordinates wonderfully with the BabyBjorn Cup and other items in the BabyBjorn Kitchen range. To find out more about the BabyBjorn Smock and the full BabyBjorn Kitchen range visit the BabyBjorn website.

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I’ve recently shifted back to Australia from the UK in preparation for my first child. Figured family and friends could come in handy. So in addition to expecting Baby Number One in the frighteningly near future, I’m also reacquainting myself with a country that looks the same but feels different (or it could be me), and all the jargon, tricks, products and advice about ‘shopping for baby’.

What makes it even more fun are the exasperated eye rolls you get if you don’t know about something and the assumption that – because you’re a woman – you should. I’d be forgiven for finding a cave to hide in for the next year. Like many new Mums, I haven’t got a clue. It’s all new and daunting.

I quite like my creature comforts, so I’ve opted out of the cave solution and instead went in search of help. I found it at Baby Kingdom at Bankstown in Sydney where I learned more in one hour with their sales team than I thought I would ever know.

For a start, I have to say this store is designed with sanity in mind. Actually, that’s a fib. It’s designed with insanity in mind: particularly the confused, sleep deprived and nervous insanity of new parents who don’t have the headspace to cope with a poorly disorganised store. Here you will find a neatly organised, one-floor space that tenderly guides you to what you need for feeding, getting your baby on the move, dressing and protecting your baby from the elements, and sorting your nursery space.


Babies have to eat

We started in the feeding and care section – right near the entrance. Here we found the breast pumps, the dummies, the bottles, the formula, the sterilisers and the countless other items I’m preparing myself to term as ‘necessities’ in the coming months. You can sleepwalk in, grab, pay, go.

I’m toying with the notion of a breast pump, but don’t know if I’ll need one yet so holding out – but the advice on electric versus manual was straightforward, human and honest. Basically, I’m not going to be in the mood for manual labour and some nifty person far better at maths than I has taken the time to sort an electric option. I say that’s a winner in my book. So I took notes. At the moment the Avent Electric is looking like an option, but we’ll see. I’ll keep you posted in late April.


Getting baby around: Prams, buggies, strollers etc…

Then there was The Buggy. Or Pram. Or Stroller. Or Integrated Travel System. Or Hydrogen Fuelled Infant Rocket. Honestly, my head was spinning on the Big Buggy Dilemma. In any case, I was eased into this with an explanation on a few key factors that I found helpful as criteria for this monster purchasing decision.

There are a few options on baby carriers and slings as well. I’m eyeing up the Baby Bjorn Active myself.


A place for baby to sleep

Then it’s time for the nursery – a whole other story. But it should be said that there isn’t just the cot to consider: linen, mattress protectors, night lights – it’s all there.


Babywear and grooming

You also have accessories, baby grows, grooming and skincare to consider. So there are the lotions, bathing, clothes and of course, nappies and associated products for taking care of a key preoccupation in early life.

Oh my, and then there are the toys. Which is a whole other adventure.

For the minute, I’m enjoying the fact that I actually understand all this a little better and had it explained to me by friendly, helpful and thorough people. They didn’t stare at me aghast that I don’t have the magic microchip that allegedly equips every female with immediate encyclopedic knowledge about baby kit. They have an online checklist too.

If I wasn’t eight months up the duff, I would have invited my newfound best friends out for a glass of wine in thanks.

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Swimming in Li’l daks

Posted by Diana on Saturday Mar 12, 2011 Under Baby Activities, Baby Clothes

Saturdays are always busy and today was no different. First stop – Mathildas Market held at the Brisbane Racing Club at Ascot. The markets are a hive of activity offering beautiful handmade baby wear, toys and nursery decor.

I bought Baby a Li’l daks cloth nappy for her swimming class. The first thing that strikes you about Li’l daks is the funky range of fabrics. The design I chose for Baby was quite retro, featuring red apples, green pears, blue chickens and yellow flowers against a white background. Under this outer layer is a hidden waterproof layer and under that is a water resistant fleece which is soft against baby’s skin. The nappy fastens with cute red plastic snaps.

So after a morning of perusing Mathildas Market, it was back home for a nap and then to swimming lessons to test li’l daks in the pool. Our new purchase caught the eye of our swimming instructor Julia who complimented Baby on her daks as we made our way into the pool. This was the first time I was taking Baby for her swimming lesson and as expected on a Saturday, there was one other Mum and six proud Dads in the pool with their babies.

I now understand why it is recommended for the parent to wear a t-shirt during baby swimming lessons. While Baby’s confidence is improving in the pool, she still did grab onto my t-shirt for extra security. The lesson started with a song introducing the babies to each other. We were then practising floating and submerging. My favourite part was testing her palmar reflex. I held my index fingers under her palms and she instinctively grasped on, then after felling weightless in the water she started treading water – amazing!

I thoroughly recommend swimming lessons for babies and I think there are so many benefits of starting early. Baby received her first swimming progress report card today and she’s doing an ‘awesome job’, making progress on many of the benchmarks of the Starfish program. I must say I am very proud of her.

What about the Li’l daks? How did they perform in the pool? Not only did baby look comfortable and stylish in her Li’l daks they kept everything contained (not that there was much to contain). So they did an awesome job too! Li’l daks can be purchased online or from Mathildas Market which are run in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and Adelaide.

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Dressing up the tree and baby

Posted by Diana on Wednesday Dec 22, 2010 Under Baby Books, Baby Clothes, Baby presents, Baby Toys

My baby touched tinsel for the first time and was intrigued by it. She twirled it through her fingers, giggled at it’s texture and was mesmerised by it’s sparkle.

I was adding the finishing touches to the Christmas tree, hanging decorations and lollies wrapped in foil (out of reach of baby – of course). Baby looked at the tree quizzically – probably wondering why a live pine tree was in the living room!

I placed baby’s final presents under the tree. From reading all the comments, it seems books have been a popular choice for baby presents this year. Under our tree, there are a mixture of baby presents – toys, books and dresses! One of the delights of having a baby girl is dressing her up. I’ve bought baby dresses by Country Road, Origami, Sprout and Pumpkin Patch. Her summer wardrobe is set to be more extensive than mine!

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