Geneieve Anna Maria Key
Congratulations to Sarah, Laurence and Scarlett on the arrival of baby Geneieve born on 5th December in Sydney. Geneieve weighed 3.98kg and was 50cm long at birth. She has bright blue eyes and adorable dimples.



Olivia Maria Hayden

Congratulations to Karolina and Paul on the arrival of beautiful baby Olivia Maria Hayden born on 10th November in Sydney. Olivia adores being swaddled andĀ falling blissfully asleep while lying on Mum andĀ Dad.

Newborn Essentials




5 Wraps
2 Sheets for cot
1 Bassinet sized baby blanket for pram
2 Sheets for pram moses bed
1 Cot mattress protector (2 even better)
1 Bassinet protector (2 even better)
2 Sleeping Bags for when baby is no longer in swaddling




5 Singlets
5 Babysuits (Size 0000 or 000 for a newborn)

See the post on Baby Clothing Sizes



Change Table




2 Bottles (Different Teets can be preferred by different babies)
Breast Pump (Choose a pump which is compatible with the bottle)
Cleaning Equipment
Milk Powder, if Baby is 100% Breastfed, you don’t need formula (wait until baby is born)


Lotions and Potions


Nipple Cream – I recommend Lansinoh
Breast pads – I recommend washable pads although disposable pads are popular
Sudocream or some sort of zinc for nappy rash
Bepanthum cream – also for nappy rash
Baby bath wash – Johnson & Johnson do a sensitive range
Baby powder – Johnson & Johnson
Nappies – Average 6 nappies a day per newborn – you will need newborn nappies (cloth or disposable)
Newborn size disposable nappies will last for about two to three months – so don’t over stock.
Wipes – average a large pack a week
Small nappy plastic bags for collecting used nappies


Baby Transport and Play


Pram with bassinet attachment
Baby Carrier
Baby Capsule or Baby Car Seat suitable for a newborn
See the post on Baby Car Travel