Happy Easter from the cutest Easter Bunny

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Cutest Easter BunnyOur household has anticipated the arrival of the Easter Bunny with much enthusiasm.

For the past few days, my eldest has been checking her handmade basket for chocolate eggs. This morning she was ecstatic to see her basket filled with chocolate eggs.

Whilst we didn’t see the Easter Bunny deliver the chocolate eggs this time, I can’t imagine any bunny is cuter, than her sister when dressed up in her bunny ears! Happy Easter everyone!

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Summer with the BabyBjorn Travel Cot Light

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Babies tend to be fussy creatures, especially when it comes to sleep. So when you’re travelling away from home it’s vital your child has somewhere secure to rest.

But with all the gear new parents have to carry, you can’t very well pack a full-sized cot into your luggage. Instead, you’ll need a crib that’s as compact as it is cosy.

The BabyBjorn Travel Cot Light is our top pick in travel cots. At an ultra-lightweight 6 kilograms, it doesn’t sacrifice portability for comfort.

Baby_Bjorn_CotOur family had no trouble setting up the cot in seconds. In one movement, we unfolded it from the smart carry bag and lay it on the floor. Such ease of use makes it perfect for frequent short trips away or even afternoon naps at grandma’s.

The sturdy foam mattress don’t sag in the middle and has none of the hassles of inflating mattresses. It lies virtually flat on the ground, providing great support for our little girl’s back and head. And unlike some other brands, you can even tuck sheets and blankets underneath the mattress so your child feels safe and secure. The mesh is now to the floor – an improvement on the original BabyBjorn travel cot.

Baby fell asleep first go in the cot at home, which means we can plan our summer holidays safe in the knowledge our night-timeswill be restful and relaxing.

The updated black mesh walls will be especially useful in our Australian summer, allowing ample air-flow on hot days near the beach. And because the minimalist design looks so stylish and the footprint is compact, we don’t even bother packing the cot away at home. Instead, we find it makes a handy and discreet day bed in the lounge room or bedroom – wherever we like, actually, as it’s so easy to move!

When the time comes to clean the cot, we can easily remove and machine wash the fabric. To find out more about the BabyBjorn Travel Cot Light and other gorgeous products visit the BabyBjorn website.

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Merry Christmas Everyone

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Wishing everyone a merry and safe Christmas!

We know Santa and his elves will fill the stockings of all babies big and small this Christmas.

Have an wonderful festive season and we look forward to bringing you more enjoyable reviews in 2013!



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Happy Easter from the Easter Bunny!

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Wishing Everyone a Happy Easter. We hope you and your whole family have a wonderful Easter break.

Best wishes from the team at Babyreview.com.au

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“Great” Grandmother wins Maclaren Field Bag

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Barbara Fehmel is the first prize winner of the Maclaren Summer Bag promotion! The Great Grandmother submitted the following winning entry, “This summer I’ll be taking my Maclaren bag to give to my grand daughter for her twin girls”. We’re sure your Grand Daughter and Great Grand Daughters will be over the moon with the Maclaren Field Bag.

Renee Annison won second prize with her entry, “This summer I’ll be taking my Maclaren Bag to the after christmas sales and the beach, everywhere!!” Congratulations Renee we hope you fit all your baby needs and new purchases in your Maclaren Park Bag.

The third prize winner was Kirsty Gee with her entry, “This summer I’ll be taking my Maclaren bag to enjoy the great outdoors on lots of fun-filled adventures”. Congratulations Kirsty on winning a Maclaren Mini-Utility Tote we’re sure it will come in handy.

Thank you to everyone for your entries!


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Happy New Year 2012

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Wishing everyone a Happy New Year 2012! Hoping you and your family had a magical start to the new year.

Wherever you brought in the new year in Australia or around the world – we’re sure 2012 will be a year filled with fun and surprises!

For everyone celebrating summer in Australia, remember to enter our Maclaren Summer Bag promotion.

We hope 2012 is a spectacular year and we look forward to bringing you more of the best baby product reviews this year.


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Merry Christmas

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Wishing all our readers a Merry Christmas filled with fun, laughter, family, friends and of course delicious food!

Whether it’s Baby’s first or second Christmas, we hope the wonder and delight of this very special time of year, will capture your Baby’s imagination.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

We’re looking forward to reviewing more of the best Baby products in the New Year.

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Maclaren Summer Bag Promotion

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Win a Maclaren Summer Bag

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Win a $100 Gift Voucher!

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You’ve read the review of the Jolly KidZ ToughTimber Table & Chairs Setting from www.kidsproductsonline.com.au, now you have the chance to win a $100 Gift Voucher for something of your own from kidsproductsonline.com.au

Complete the following sentence:  “The product I would like reviewed from the kidsproductsonline website is the…” and email your name, address and phone number to competitions@babyreview.com.au.

The winner will be drawn and announced on www.babyreview.com.au and www.kidsproductsonline.com.au on the 22/9/11. Looking forward to reading which great products you would like reviewed on the Babyreview facebook page!


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Happy Mothers Day Everyone

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Tomorrow will be my first Mothers Day and I thought I’d share a quote which resonates with me about being a Mum to Baby….

“Just for a little while a human being loves and trusts the world,

is amazed by its simplicities,

in awe of its complexities,

enchanted by light and colour, movement,

strangeness, eager to explore,

in love with waking and with sleeping.

Those who snatch away even one moment

of that golden time have stolen something that can never be replaced”

Pam Brown, That Golden Time, B 1928

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