Hi-Diner Booster Seat – Sturdy, Durable and Timeless

Posted by Diana on Monday Apr 29, 2013 Under Feeding Baby

InfaSecure Hi-Diner BoosterMy little girl had outgrown her highchair at mealtime and yet she was too little to reach the table when seated in our dining chairs. After weeks of awkward eating I discovered the InfaSecure Hi-Diner Booster Seat and mealtimes have been so much easier ever since.

I liked the ‘retro’ design of the ‘Hi-Diner’ booster and thought I’d give it a try. So far it’s been great for dining at home or out in restaurants. In fact, my husband remembers sitting in similar boosters, in diners throughout the US, when he was growing up. Put simply the InfaSecure Hi-Diner Booster is sturdy, durable and timeless.

The Hi-Diner Booster is child’s play to assemble. Simply place the adjustable seat harness strap inbetween the two bases and secure with the screws included with the booster. It took me less than 10 minutes to put together.

One base has a greater depth to accommodate large children, while the other base accommodates smaller children. I just selected the base suitable for my child and secured the booster to my dining chair with the seat harness.

The InfaSecure Booster is available in three different colours, I chose the neutral coloured booster to suit my decor.

Not only does the InfaSecure Booster provide a safer seat for my child during mealtimes, she can now see her food properly, use her cutlery better and seems to enjoy mealtimes more. She likes her new booster so much that she affectionately refers to it as ‘rooster’ – too cute.

To find out more about the Hi-Diner Booster and the full range of InfaSecure products visit the InfaSecure website.


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Baby’s first foods

Posted by Diana on Thursday Mar 28, 2013 Under Feeding Baby

BellamysBaby has just started eating her first solid foods. After observing us eating from the comfort of her bouncer, she now has her own seat at the table. Her first food is Bellamy’s Organic Baby Rice Cereal.

She sits proudly upright at the breakfast table and even taps the table in excitement as I approach her with a bowl of Bellamy’s Organic Baby Rice cereal. It’s simple to prepare, I just add 1-2 teaspoons of the rice cereal with baby’s usual milk or cooled boiled water. I then mix it to a smooth consistency for Baby. As Baby has developed her ability to eat solids, the consistency has become less runny and I am now adding homemade stewed apple and pears to the mix.

Other foods which I have introduced, include mashed banana and pumpkin. Baby enjoyed the banana but wasn’t such a fan of the pumpkin.

I think it’s important to introduce Baby to healthy foods and I am satisfied that only certified organic ingredients are used in Bellamy’s products. Bellamy’s babyfoods are made in Australia and are free of synthetic additives and preservatives.

As Baby’s palate develops, I am quite keen to introduce Bellamy’s Organic Baby Porridge, Apple & Cinnamon Breakfast and Banana & Vanilla Rice Cereal. To find out more about the full range of Bellamy’s products visit the Bellamy’s website.

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Boppy – Baby’s First Nest

Posted by Diana on Wednesday Dec 21, 2011 Under Feeding Baby, Newborn

I first discovered the Boppy Pillow at a Baby Expo. It’s unique hug shape caught my eye and having never used a feeding pillow before, I was keen to try the Boppy Pillow with Baby.

That evening when it was time for Baby’s last breastfeed before bedtime, I sat comfortably and put the Boppy pillow around my waist with ease. The Boppy Pillow has been designed with the ergonomics of breastfeeding for Mum and Baby in mind! To adjust the Boppy pillow – just turn it. This is great if you want more lower back support.

I could rest my arms on the pillow while securely holding Baby. It made breast feeding Baby easier, especially in those early months when the feeds were so frequent. Baby seemed supremely comfortable on the Boppy too.

As Baby has grown, the Boppy has adapted to become a little nest, a great pillow to practise “tummy time”, crawling and sitting. Baby still enjoys sitting in the Boppy as a toddler. The Boppy slip cover is 100% cotton and is removable for machine washing. The covers come in a range of funky colours and prints. If you have a serious spill, you can machine wash the whole pillow and it will never lose its shape.

I’ve found the Boppy Pillow to be incredibly versatile and can understand why Boppy is the market leader in America for nursing and baby support pillows.

Chicco has introduced the Boppy pillow to Australia. To find out more information on the Boppy Pillow visit the Chicco and Boppy World websites.

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Newborn Mum: A High Chair that Tops the Lot

Posted by Lyndal on Friday Nov 4, 2011 Under Feeding Baby

When I asked my Mum what I should look for in a high chair, she said I should get something that was low on fuss and easy to hose down.

I thought she was joking…until Baby started eating solids. I just can’t believe that someone so small can get so much food in so many different places.

So we started using the BabyBjorn  high chair. I just love this thing so much I can barely articulate it.

It took me about six minutes to assemble. Easy peasy. And it is so easy to get Baby in and out of, which – when they’re hungry and wriggly and out of sorts is really important. It also mattered that this was a simple process because grandparents play a big part in our Baby’s life, and there were concerns over the level of difficulty in assembling and placing our little one in her high chair.

The high chair also packs away so neatly so it doesn’t take up loads of space…and we’re a little short on space at the moment. We can also pack it into the car and travel with it.

Now that Baby is getting stronger, she really is thrusting herself forward so safety is a big deal, and this chair has an easy-to-activate safety lock. It doesn’t have a harness, but you really don’t need one. Also the height of the table and it’s design with the chair means that Baby doesn’t slide under and out. A big plus.

The tray is detachable and can be cleaned in the dishwasher, which is just fantastic. The body of the chair is so easy to wipe down because there’s no cushion or creases for pear puree to hide in, and the clean white colour highlights any spillage.

And then there are just the little things that matter to us. It sits neatly at the table so that Baby really does feel like she’s eating with us. It’s white and sleek and lovely, and the legs don’t protrude so there’s less of a trip hazard.

I can’t really think of anything to top what this high chair offers. It’s great. We think so, and our gorgeous baby girl thinks so as well.

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Who can resist a helpful, strong, good-looking Scandinavian that makes life a little easier? The Minui HandySitt is just that, filling two important roles in our day-to-day family life.

Firstly, it is the perfect portable highchair and secondly it is a perfect temporary highchair for Baby’s guests, because it transforms any regular dining chair into a safe and comfortable highchair.

The Minui HandySitt is solid but lightweight and is very easy to pack for travel or storage, folding up into a compact flat package. However, we often have it out when at home, as it is so much fun having Baby’s friends over and all being able to eat at the table together. They look so proud of themselves sitting at the table with the grown-ups and it is amazing to see them keenly watching each other and picking up new tricks!

I was very excited when our Minui HandySitt arrived. Taking it out of its compact box, my first impression was that it looked beautiful and felt strong and well made. It comes in Antique Black and Birch – we chose the natural Birch colour, which goes well with our beloved Stokke Tripp Trapp highchair and looks great in our sunny home.

The Minui HandySitt is intended for babies and children up to the age of five and comes with a 3-point harness system. A 5-point harness system is also available if required, which we chose because Baby is quickly growing into Toddler and a wriggly toddler at that! The HandySitt 5-point harness system securely straps Baby in to the seat; over the shoulders, around the waist and between the legs. There is one child-safe central buckle that is kept neat and tidy with a strap over the top. The HandySitt 5-point harness system is easy to mount to the HandySitt seat, easy to operate, has adjustable straps and keeps him safe and secure in his seat.

The HandySitt is very easy to use; simply fold it out in one movement, hook it onto the back on the chair, adjust the height of the legs and strap it down underneath the dining chair. The Minui HandySitt is assembled by hand in Europe and is made using top quality materials. It is made of 100% Birch wood and varnished with non-toxic lacquer and the other parts of the seat are made of steel and manmade materials, making it durable and easy to clean.

The Minui HandySitt Seat is part of a larger system and can be used in as many ways. There is a set of optional Legs available enabling the seat to be used on the floor or outside and there is a chair base that can turn the portable seat into a stand-alone highchair or be used as a stand-alone adult chair.

The top quality Danish designed Minui HandySitt is practical and thoughtfully designed. It is easy to use, safe, light, looks great and folds flat for ease of transport and storage. It also fits right in at the table, ensuring your child can learn, develop and socialize alongside everyone at the table.

For more information on the Minui HandySitt visit http://lovencare.com.au/

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We have all heard the old cliché hundreds of times, but seriously, I can’t believe how quickly children grow up! It seemed like yesterday that our Baby was a wee babe in arms and now all of a sudden my little son is having what looks like his first date!

It was a sweet affair with hotcakes and strawberries, perched on the sunny deck at their very own Jolly KidZ ToughTimber Table & Chairs Setting. They looked so grown-up sitting facing each other at the table and were very comfortable on their sturdy little seats. We were very impressed that they managed to hop on and off the chairs by themselves, which I think was made easier by the chairs being so sturdy and well balanced. They were very proud of themselves!

The Jolly KidZ ToughTimber Table & Chairs Setting is solid natural pine timber, very tough and durable, is beautifully finished with rounded edges and corners and has a high gloss varnish. The pine timber looks clean and fresh; the design and construction embraces strong simple lines, which ensures this children’s furniture setting looks great in any home. It is easy to keep clean with a quick wipe down with a soft cloth and is also simple to assemble and dismantle if you are ever moving or handing this setting on to friends when your children have eventually outgrown it.

It comes with two strong chairs, which are suitable for a weight of up to 75kgs, and additional Jolly KidZ ToughTimber Chairs can also be purchased separately if required. The Jolly KidZ ToughTimber setting is designed in Australia and uses a thick timber design for extra strength. You can see when you are assembling the setting that it has been thoughtfully designed, is very strong and sturdy and uses a quality bolt system. It comes in a flat pack with clear assembly instructions and even comes with spare bolts and the required Allen keys.

I have found the Jolly KidZ table setting to be a perfect setting for him in which to undertake the important ‘copying’ developmental stage and he just loves using his table for eating with his friends, drawing or playing in general. I also find that the two of us sitting at ‘his’ table to prepare dinner works really well and is fun for both of us!

We are very happy with our Jolly KidZ ToughTimber Table & Chairs Setting because it has been an instant success with Baby, is well made from quality materials, is tough and durable and will obviously last for years to come and many, many tea parties.

This Jolly KidZ ToughTimber Table & Chairs Setting (being sold as Premium Children’s Square Table Setting & 2 Chairs) along with other great Jolly Kidz products can be purchased at discounted prices from the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) from www.kidsproductsonline.com.au. I have recently discovered this website and have found the pricing to be really competitive for children’s nursery equipment, indoor and outdoor furniture. It is definitely worth a visit to see some great products at competitive prices. In fact, Kidsproductsonline.com.au and Babyreview.com.au are offering you the opportunity to win a $100 Gift Voucher to spend at Kidsproductsonline.com.au  For further information on Jolly KidZ products including this table setting please visit, http://www.jollykidz.net/.

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The Modern Classic Highchair: Stokke Tripp Trapp

Posted by Daisy on Wednesday Jul 27, 2011 Under Baby Furniture, Feeding Baby, Newborn

In my family eating together at the dinner table is of utmost importance. Whether it is for a quick breakfast of toast or a leisurely degustation birthday dinner feast, it is an important time for us to spend quality time together. For this reason, it is essential that Baby have a chair that can fit right into our table, allowing him to learn, develop and socialize right alongside us from his first informative days.

We bought our Stokke Tripp Trapp when Baby was very young and have been enjoying it ever since. I chose the natural Birch colour with white Baby Set, which I think looks great in our sunny home. More importantly, Baby is always happy, secure and comfortable in his Tripp Trapp, whether eating, drawing or helping me cook!

The Stokke Tripp Trapp highchair is the only child’s chair that can take you from baby to adult, keeping you secure and comfortable all the way. It is fully adjusting to the size of your growing child, which ensures they are always at the perfect height to eat, play and interact. The sturdy wooden frame holds the seat level and footplate, both of which are adjustable in terms of height and depth. This ensures your child is at the correct level with the table and also has their feet well supported as well as enabling comfortable natural ergonomic sitting. The Tripp Trapp also comes with ‘gliders’ that attach at the bottom of the highchair to ensure stability.

The Norwegian designed Tripp Trapp is thoughtfully designed and made from beautiful and long lasting materials. It is made primarily of wood with metal ‘screws’ and strengthening rods, which can easily be loosened (with the tool provided) to enable adjustment. I have found this very easy and practical, as Baby is growing so quickly and before I know it I have to lower the footplate or adjust the seat depth.

It is also an environmentally considerate highchair; being built to last generations and made from cultivate birch. It comes in an extensive range of beautiful natural timber finishes such as European Oak, American Walnut and Cherry and great colours including red, pink, blue, green and purple and also black and white.

I have to admit that I love Scandinavian design aesthetics and the Tripp Trapp is no exception. It is a good-looking highchair. Instead of a highchair that one might put away when not in use or definitely when having a dinner party, the Tripp Trapp has pride of place at the table and also can be easily adjusted to fit an adult!

Also, I know it is such a busy parent issue, but I also find that the Stokke Tripp Trapp is really easy to keep clean. We just give it a quick wipe down with a soft cloth after each use. Very boring I know, but an important point!


Stokke Tripp Trapp Features:

Height and depth adjustable seat and footplate:

  • Grows with your child.
  • Lifts the floor up to your child – gives stability and ability to move.
  • Chair adapts to your child’s body instead of vice versa.
  • Elevates your child up to the correct height at the table.
  • Child is part of dining experience.
  • Promotes parent – child bonding.
  • Child is sitting ergonomically correct.
  • Longevity of product.

Manufactured from cultivated beech:

  • Strong, solid and durable.
  • Environmentally friendly/safety.
  • Longevity of product.

No fixed tray:

  • Comes closer to the table.
  • Develops hand/eye co-ordination.
  • Socializing.
  • Easy for your child to move.

Available Stokke Tripp Trapp Accessories:

There are lots of fantastic accessories such as a Newborn Set, Baby Set, Table Top, Cushions (seriously fun fabrics!), Extended Glider and Harness.

I highly recommend the Stokke Tripp Trapp because it is an exceptional highchair that can take you from newborn to adulthood. For more information on the Stokke Tripp Trapp, other great Stokke products and information on issues such as safety and how to adjust your highchair to ensure correct sitting position, visit the Stokke website.

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Eating Al Fresco with Chicco

Posted by Diana on Friday Jun 24, 2011 Under Feeding Baby

I am a child of the Seventies. I love colours like orange and lime green. I value things which are practical, well designed and truly unique. So when it came to selecting a high chair for Baby, one high chair stood out from the others – the Italian designed Chicco Polly Double Phase High Chair. I couldn’t resist it’s bold “Seventy” inspired outer cover, lime green inner cover and glossy pearly tray.

Having two covers not only provides double padding for Baby, the outer cover can be removed as Baby grows. This high chair has been designed with longevity in mind and can accommodate a 5 month old through to a 3 year old. The high chair is packed with features, creating a well supported high chair which has already grown with my Baby – who started using the Chicco Polly High Chair at 6 months and recently celebrated her first birthday.

Throughout this time, Baby has found the high chair remarkably comfortable. In other high chairs Baby squiggles and squirms, in the Chicco Polly High Chair she is settled for longer, allowing her to eat more during her mealtime. In fact, Baby has become so comfortable that she has even fallen asleep at the end of a meal in her Chicco Polly High Chair! This comfy high chair can be fully reclined and even has an adjustable leg rest. An adjustable foot plate can be secured to the leg rest at three different heights. I have the foot plate at the height closest to the tray and it is reassuring to know the foot rest can be moved down as Baby grows.

The frame adjusts to seven different heights too. There are cleverly positioned orange ergonomic buttons which allow you to customise the high chair settings to suit your space. There are four swivel wheels each with a break giving you flexibility in where you feed Baby. Occasionally I wheel the high chair onto our back deck to create an ‘Al Fresco’ dining experience for Baby. It is enjoyable for both of us having our long lunches on the deck together. I eat at the outdoor table, pointing out an interesting bird or flower, while Baby sits comfortably in her Chicco Polly High Chair observing the world around her while she eats her pasta. European dining at its best!

The armrests can be lowered so Baby can eat at the table while seated in her Chicco Polly High Chair in the future. The clip-over food tray can be removed and used at the table too. At this stage, Baby is still using the tray which clicks onto the armrests. The tray is adjustable and can be brought closer to Baby for those messier meals. A cute feature is the small dessert tray towards the base of the high chair. All of these fabulous features allow the Chicco Polly High Chair to be a fully “customised” for Baby as she grows. The high chair has a five-point safety harness with two position height adjustment to keep Baby safe and secure in her high chair.

After mealtime the PVC cover can be wiped clean and can be folded up for easy storage. The Chicco Polly Double Phase High Chair is one funky high chair truly packed with features! To find out more about this product visit the Chicco website.

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All Smocked Up

Posted by Diana on Friday May 20, 2011 Under Baby Activities, Baby Clothes, Feeding Baby

Baby has found her artistic side and is becoming quite the painter! Since Baby started painting at 10 months, she has honed her finger painting and hand printing skills to create contemporary masterpieces for her parents and grandparents.

To protect Baby’s clothes during her artistic experimentation, I have been using the BabyBjorn Eat & Play Smock. It is a central piece of equipment for her painting and she squeals with excitement when she sees me unfolding the smock ready for her to put on.

The BabyBjorn Eat & Play Smock is designed for children from 8 months to 3 years old. I simply slide her arms through the sleeves and the firm, soft elastic cuffs ensure the smock stays put. I secure the smock with two sets of fasteners at the back – one behind her neck and one lower down. The set of fasteners around the neck of the smock accommodates two sizes: babies with small necks and toddlers with large necks. The design of the Eat & Play Smock is simple and roomy – it splays outwards and allows freedom to move.

Baby is visibly excited once wearing her smock, as she is aware she is about to begin painting. So I sit her in her highchair, put a piece of paper and a palette of red, blue and yellow paint, on her highchair tray in front of her. I can’t resist putting a little hat on my punky baby to keep the hair off her face (and complete the artistic look)!

Baby looks at the palette with focussed concentration, dabs her finger in the blue paint and then smears her finger across the page. She then mixes the colours together and adds fingerprints all over the page in different colours. Finally, she presses her right hand in the mixed paint and puts a hand print in the bottom right hand corner of the page – as if to sign her artwork. Then with her painted right hand, Baby gestures to me that she is finished and I proceed to wipe her hands and smock.

The BabyBjorn Eat & Play Smock has faired well, showing durability during this road test and has succeeded in protecting Baby’s clothing too! The smock is easy to wipe clean and although it doesn’t need it this time, I’m pleased the smock is machine washable. The material of the smock is not only waterproof but lightweight and breathable.

While I mostly use the BabyBjorn Soft Bib for mealtimes, it’s great to know I have the BabyBjorn Eat & Play Smock for those messier meals. Since Baby has such a positive association playing in the smock she doesn’t hesitate to put it on for mealtimes too. I have the BabyBjorn Smock in Bright Red featuring the cute teddy bear motif which co-ordinates wonderfully with the BabyBjorn Cup and other items in the BabyBjorn Kitchen range. To find out more about the BabyBjorn Smock and the full BabyBjorn Kitchen range visit the BabyBjorn website.

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BabyBjorn Spoon, Plate and Soft Bib

Posted by Diana on Monday Mar 28, 2011 Under Feeding Baby

Baby is becoming a more independent eater. No longer is she content with just being spoon fed – she now attempts to feed herself. Some attempts are more successful than others and her bibs are becoming a canvas for her splatter artworks! To assist in the development of Baby’s independent eating, I’ve decided to introduce my Baby to the BabyBjorn Spoon, Plate and Soft Bib.

For Baby to review these products from the BabyBjorn Kitchen Range, I place pumpkin puree on the BabyBjorn plate first. This will be followed by serves of broccoli and spaghetti (Baby’s favourite).  I put Baby in her highchair wearing the BabyBjorn soft bib and place a BabyBjorn spoon full of pumpkin puree in Baby’s hand. Baby grips the spoon and after much gazing at the pumpkin, she swings it around and puts it in her mouth. I think she’ll need some practice developing her new found skills.

The BabyBjorn spoon is purposely designed to help little ones eat by themselves earlier. The spoon is only short, making it easier for little hands to hold the spoon and the handle of the spoon has sufficient friction to make it easy-to-grip. The bowl of the spoon is shaped to scoop food from the plate or eat soup from the BabyBjorn cup.

Of course the BabyBjorn spoon is compatible with the BabyBjorn plate – an indentation on the back of the spoon handle allows the spoon to rest on the edge of the plate without falling into the plate. It’s these small details that make this range really clever. The shape of the plate is a three leaf clover and has been thoughtfully designed to make it easy for little ones to get food onto the spoon from all directions. The plate is steady with a rubber base on the bottom to prevent it from sliding around.

So Baby takes the spoon in her hand towards the plate. After what appears to be some drumming to test the acoustics of the spoon against the plate, she scoops up some pumpkin and tastes it – giving me a smile and a scrunch of the nose. It appears Baby approves of the plate and spoon.

Baby has been comfortably wearing the BabyBjorn soft bib throughout her review of the plate and spoon. The bib is made from durable and recycleable material, featuring soft beads around the neck which are adjustable and easy to button. As with all BabyBjorn products, ergonomic design is paramount – the bib is designed to fit a little body and isn’t so long that the bib pocket gets stuck under the tray of her highchair. The catch-all pocket has managed to catch some of the broccoli and spaghetti which didn’t make it to Baby’s mouth and has kept Baby’s clothes reasonably clean in the process. Baby seemed more at ease in the BabyBjorn bib than her fabric bibs which she usually tugs on at the end of mealtime. Once baby had finished eating, I remove the bib and give it a quick rinse so it will be ready to use again.

The BabyBjorn Soft Bib, Spoon and Plate are part of the BabyBjorn Kitchen range. All materials used in the product range are recyclable and free from BPA and PVC. The range is available in Bright Red and Ocean Blue, so Baby can always be colour coordinated at the table. To find out more visit the BabyBjorn website.

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