Bambino Bling

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bambino_blingMy Baby is fashion savvy and notices any new fashion accessory I wear. Baby will swipe to reach my new earrings and tug at a novel necklace. Then, of course, there is the taste test, ‘yummy bracelet mummy’ her sparkling eyes will tell me, as my teething little one proceeds to chew on my jewellery.

Well Bambino Bling jewellery is something special for my Baby to really ‘chew over’! Made from silicone, ever so stylish Bambino Bling allows Baby to admire and taste my wears – while I have peace of mind that my jewellery is made from non-toxic, 100% BPA free silicone.

A particular feature I love on my necklace is the ‘breakaway clasp’, which results in the necklace coming off in one piece if Baby tugs too hard. Any Mum who has experienced the sound (and resulting chaos) of cascading beads tumbling to the floor from a broken necklace, will appreciate the value in a ‘breakaway clasp’ preventing this situation. I’ve noticed there is a knot in between each bead on the necklace, reinforcing the strength of the necklace and highlighting the quality craftsmanship of each piece of Bambino Bling jewellery.

I’m impressed by the fabulous functionality, quality and design, of Bambino Bling jewellery, making it a brilliant gift idea – especially with Christmas around the corner! The jewellery is easily cleaned with warm soapy water or can be put on the top shelf of the dishwasher.

Any gift ordered from the Bambino Bling website is gift wrapped in a divine pink box. To find out more visit Bambino Bling

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babybjorn_soft_bouncerNew parents can find themselves juggling any number of odd jobs while caring for a small child. But without a spare set of hands, baby wrangling and housework can prove a tricky combination. In those moments you can’t devote to endless kisses and cuddles, a bouncer provides the perfect perch for Baby to watch the day-to-day goings-on at home.

Over the past few weeks our family has been putting a popular classic to the test. A half-century after the release of its first bouncer, BabyBjorn has added softer features and improved curves to its new Bouncer Balance Soft.

We’ve found the ergonomic design perfectly snug and comfy for our little girl. She loves rocking away in the supportive seat and, if your baby is anything like ours, she’ll enjoy having her own secure space to play and giggle while never being more than a few steps from dad or mum.

We found the padded safety harness easy to adjust, which means we can slip bub in and out of the bouncer without fiddling with awkward buckles that can restrict movement.Bouncer_Balance_Soft_black_mesh

We especially love the three height settings, which let our little catnapper play, rest and snooze in the one spot without endless trips to and from the cot.

The super-sleek design, available in black/dark grey cotton or black/grey mesh, looks great in our modern home while the lightweight fold-flat design makes it super portable and easy to store. The mesh fabric is removable and machine-washable, too – a godsend for the hygiene freaks among us.

Best of all, even at seven months our baby still has many months of use left in the bouncer. Once she learns to walk, we can reverse the fabric and turn the bouncer into a toddler chair (for children up to 13 kilograms). Visit the BabyBjorn website for more information on the BabyBjorn Bouncer Balance Soft.

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BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One – The One and Only

Posted by Alison on Tuesday Aug 27, 2013 Under Baby presents, Baby Travel, Newborn

Baby_Bjorn_One_CarrierAt 2 months old, it was time for Baby to go to watch his Dad play soccer. Dad proudly carried Baby to the oval in the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One to introduce Baby to his soccer mates. The Baby Carrier One is the new multifunctional front and back baby carrier from BabyBjorn.

When Dad went on the field to play, I took Baby in the Baby Carrier One. Despite our large size difference, it was quick and easy for Dad and me to swap the carrier between us with a few small adjustments. To put on the Baby Carrier One, slip the straps over your head like you are putting on a jumper, then adjust the back yoke and fasten the waist belt. After loosening the shoulder straps and unbuckling the head support and safety buckle on one side, Baby can be placed in the carrier. Then simply fasten all buckles and adjust the straps.

After a few short moments of watching Dad play, Baby fell asleep. In the special newborn position, with Baby facing me, I find that he magically falls asleep. This is, of course, one of my favourite features! The Baby Carrier One has been developed with paediatricians to provide the right support for baby’s head, back and hips, so I can be reassured knowing that Baby is physically supported and comfortable. The Baby Carrier One is also the most comfortable carrier I have used with its generously padded shoulder straps and waist belt which helps to relieve pressure off my shoulders and back, so that I can carry Baby for longer periods in comfort.

While we are getting so much use out of the Baby Carrier One now, it is the one and only carrier we will need. It can be used from birth (3.5 kilograms) to 3 years (15 kilograms), which is a surprise considering how much babies grow and change in size in that time. In addition to the newborn position, the Baby Carrier One can be used to carry your 4 month + old baby inward facing (in either the normal leg or wide leg position) and outward facing, as well as carrying your 12 month + old baby on your back. The Baby Carrier One is the first BabyBjorn Carrier that allows you to carry your baby on your back. I was surprised to see that you can place your baby safely on your back on your own, by first placing your baby in the carrier on your front and then moving the baby to your back with a simple action. I can only imagine how cute Baby will look being carried on Dad’s back to his very own first game of soccer…

A very useful accessory for the Baby Carrier One is the bib, which will protect the carrier from your baby’s drips and drools, when they face outwards. It is reassuring that the carrier, which is made from certified cotton, is also machine washable in case of any spills! To find out more about the BabyBjorn Carrier One and accessories visit the BabyBjorn website.

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Safe and Comfy Cruising with InfaSecure

Posted by Diana on Tuesday Nov 27, 2012 Under Baby presents, Baby Travel

Choosing the right child restraint for your child can be a really difficult decision with lots of considerations. Safety is always the top priority and comfort is an important consideration too.

I was looking for an independent source of information on buying child restraints when I found CREP (Child Restraint Evaluation Program). This organisation rates child restraints on crash protection and ease of use. In fact, the car seats rated, are tested in a crash lab with crash test dummies.

I was curious to see the CREP ratings for forward-facing restraints which could convert to a booster seat. I found the InfaSecure Comfi-Cruiser achieved a top rating for protection and ease of use, making it one of the safest car seats for children aged between 6 months and 4 years old.

The safety features of the InfaSecure Comfi-Cruiser include deep, energy absorbing side wings which offer protection for side impact. The tall backrest helps to protect the head and neck. While the multi-height harness is fitted with shoulder and pelvic padding for increased comfort and safety.

The belt path design is low, so when correctly positioned the lap belt is tight over my child’s pelvis. After some research, I found it’s important to keep the belt path low over my child’s pelvis, so the belt doesn’t ride up into the soft abdomen area, where internal injuries are possible. It was clear this car seat has been designed with safety as the top priority.

It was easy to fit my child in the InfaSecure Comfi-Cruiser in forward facing mode. The shoulder heights are clearly marked on the side wings. The harness system was easy to adjust and I was reassured by the 1 CLICK, 2 CLICK independent latching buckle. It’s great to know my child will be able to use the InfaSecure Comfi-Cruiser as a booster seat in the future too.

The full specifications for the Comfi-Cruiser and the instruction manual is available for download from the InfaSecure website. The dimensions of the Comfi-Cruiser are 500mm (width), 780mm (height) and 430mm (depth). The Comfi-Cruiser is available in the following colours: Black, Slate and Black with Pink Piping.

Visit the InfaSecure website for more information on the Comfi-Cruiser and full range of InfaSecure products.


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Natures Purest Baby

Posted by Diana on Saturday Sep 1, 2012 Under Baby Furniture, Baby presents

The moment a baby enters your world is one of the most special moments in your life. A newborn baby is so natural, innocent and pure. It is these attributes which I wanted to reflect in Baby’s surroundings in her first nursery space.

The Natures Purest Moses Basket, Moses Basket Stand and Bamboo Knitted Blanket, not only look incredibly natural – they are made from beautifully natural materials.

The Natures Purest Moses Basket is made from woven maize and lined with 100% natural cotton. Inside the basket is a mattress pad, with a natural cotton fitted sheet and carry handles. The neutral coloured cotton products in the Natures Purest range are described as ‘naturally coloured cotton’. Interestingly, this refers to the cotton pigmented fibre that grows in shades of green and brown. The neutral colour is from the cotton plants inherent genetic properties. It is 100% free from fertilizers, pesticides and chemicals.

To compliment the beautiful Moses Basket, Baby has a Natures Purest Bamboo Knitted Blanket which is wonderfully sized for the Moses Basket and her pram. The blanket is made from 100% reconstituted bamboo fibre. I’ve machined washed it and it washes like cotton. The bamboo is so silky soft against Baby’s precious skin. With a baby ‘expected’ to spend 16 hours per day sleeping in their first year, it’s important to surround them with healthy natural products in their sleep environment, such as the Moses Basket and Bamboo Blanket.

The Natures Purest Moses Basket can be used in ‘stand alone mode’. I’ve found the Moses Basket quite portable and at times have securely rested the Moses Basket on furniture in the lounge room. The best option is placing the Moses Basket in the Natures Purest Moses Basket Stand. The stand is fully compatible with the Moses Basket and is available in White or Walnut. I opted for White to match the neutral tones in Baby’s Nursery and around my home.

The Natures Purest Moses Basket and Stand is designed to hold babies up to 8.1kg. I must say my newborn baby looks so pure and innocent when sleeping in her Moses Basket. I love that is sturdy and strong giving me confidence that Baby is safe while she is resting.

The Moses Basket is easy to keep clean. The basket itself can be wiped down with a damp cloth and mild soap. While the removable liner, fitted sheet and carry handle covers are all machine washable.

To find out more on the Natures Purest Moses Basket, Stand, Bamboo Blankets and Nursery collection visit the

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Oh my, Oishi-m funky threads for baby!

Posted by Diana on Thursday Jan 26, 2012 Under Baby Clothes, Baby presents

I’m always looking out for unique clothing for Baby, pieces which are as individual as Baby herself. As serendipity would have it, I found Oishi-m a clothing line sized from newborn through to busy little people designed in Jan Juc and made in Melbourne.

Oishi-m (pronounced Oy-she-em) incorporates kimono, vintage and retro fabrics together with denim and cotton, to create everything from sensational skinny jeans to show-stopping limited edition garments.

The first piece Baby tries on are the Oishi-m Skinny Jeans. These statement skinny jeans are beautifully crafted from denim and kimono fabrics. The skinny jeans include a gorgeous ‘Tummy Toastie’ an elasticised waist to fit Baby’s tummy to keep it warm and covered. The tummy toastie means that not only will these jeans accommodate growth in leg length, they will accommodate growth around Baby’s waist too!

The cutest feature of the skinny jeans is the ample nappy bottom space. In fact, the typical Baby silhouette which usually includes a bulge around Baby’s bottom is accentuated in a very practical, yet humorous way by the Oishi-m skinny jeans – the nappy bulge becomes a focal point created through the use of eye-catching kimono fabric with the Oishi-m logo. It’s individual, it’s cute and it’s good fun all at once!

There is definitely a Japanese flavour in the Oishi-m garment range. “Oishi” in Japanese means “yummy” and “m” is for the “mini-one”. The skinny jeans Baby is wearing are called ‘A Tad Tasty Skinny Jean’ and include a little longer leg length which is perfect for Baby who has long legs and tall is for her age. The cute leg cuffs can be rolled down as her little legs grow even longer! The oishi-m skinny jeans are suitable for both little girls and little boys.

For a truly girly garment, I couldn’t resist the ‘Bountiful Skirt’. This skirt beautifully features fabric panels of vintage floral, precious paisley and broderie anglaise. The stripy in-built knickers are super cute and the piece is completed with a signature tummy-toastie. Baby looks just as comfy and yummy in her Oishi-m skirt as she did in her skinny jeans!

To see the full range of Oishi-m’s garments for babies and toddlers visit:

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Baby Organics

Posted by Diana on Monday Dec 5, 2011 Under Baby grooming, Baby presents

I have just finished bathing Baby, she looks relaxed and smells scrumptious. I attribute her calm disposition to the Baby Organics products I have used in her bath. Baby knows it’s the start of her bath time ritual, when I put the plug in the bottom of the bath tub and start running the water. She excitedly tugs on her clothing to the sound of the gushing water and passes me her Organic Baby Bath Wash, indicating it’s time for me to undress her and add her favourite bath wash to her bath. I do both and place a rather excited Baby in her bath.

Baby Organics Baby Bath Wash is made from beautiful ingredients, including organic lavender essential oil, organic evening primrose oil and organic lemon myrtle oil. Organic lavender essential oil is an ingredient in many products in the Baby Organics range. Not only does organic lavender oil have a sweet floral fragrance, it can assist with a wide range of children’s complaints when in a bath wash, including nappy rash, teething pain and restlessness. It is a wonderful element and when combined with the organic evening primrose oil, creates a relaxing blissful bath for Baby.

So after sufficient soaking time, Baby gestures to the Baby Organics Baby Shampoo. This is my favourite product in the Baby Organics range. The Baby Organics Baby Shampoo is 81% certified organic and I’ve used this shampoo to clear up cradle cap in it’s early stages. This shampoo is simply magical! It’s soap and sulphate free, it is specifically designed to gently clean Baby’s hair and scalp without irritation. It leaves Baby’s hair hydrated and it smells devine. I’ve used this product since Baby was a newborn as my Baby has always had lots of hair and I know I will continue to use it into her toddler years.

When it’s time to leave the bath, I wrap Baby in her hooded towel and take her to her bedroom. I apply the Baby Organics Baby Moisturiser. It is mild enough to use everyday to moisturise and protect Baby’s skin. One of the ingredients in the moisturiser is a botanical blend of aloe vera. I can feel the subtle texture of the aloe vera as I gently moisturise Baby’s skin. She lies so still when I’m moisturising and really enjoys the pampering.

To complete her ‘Baby Day Spa’ experience, I give Baby a relaxing massage with Baby Organics Baby Massage Oil. The massage oil is mineral free and is non-greasy making it ideal for Baby Massage. It contains organic chamomile essential oil which is soothing and relaxing. I start with circular motions massaging her feet, her legs, her chest, her arms and her hands with small amounts of the Baby Massage Oil. She gives out little giggles when she is ticklish, then Baby appears rather drowsy and it is definitely bedtime.

The Baby Organics ‘Baby Travel Gift Pack’ contains 50ml travel sizes of the Baby Bath Wash, Baby Shampoo, Baby Moisturiser and Baby Nappy Lotion to try out the Baby Organics products with baby. With Christmas around the corner this gift pack would be a lovely gift for friends and family members with a baby.

Another product I would recommend is the Organic Top to Toe Baby Wash and I’ve found it wonderful for traveling with Baby. It’s an all in one convenient cleanser which can be used on baby’s skin, hair and scalp in one easy step. It is 98% certifies organic and contains organic lemon myrtle essential oil which gives it a refreshing citrus fragrance. It is available in a convenient 125ml size.

To find out more information on all the products in the Baby Organics range and the sizes available visit the Organic Formulations website.

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Nature’s Purest: Luxury Bed Linen for Baby

Posted by Daisy on Saturday Oct 22, 2011 Under Baby Furniture, Baby presents

Preparing the nursery for the upcoming birth of your precious newborn is so exciting but can also be an emotional and even arduous task. It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the enormity of available products on the market, and being told we need it all. I certainly felt overwhelmed and it has taken me quite some time to work out what we really need and what will sit in the cupboard unused.

I have recently discovered the Nature’s Purest range of bedding products that I wish I had known about when we were preparing Baby’s nursery! Luckily for him I have discovered them now and as I sit here writing, he is enjoying his beautifully soft and pure bedding.

We have the Hug Me Bear 4 Piece Bedding Set, which includes a quilt, bumper, fitted sheet and flat sheet. We also have the adorable 20cm Hug Me Bear which is a beautiful and super cuddly teddy bear to match the bedding.

This Nature’s Purest baby bed linen is seriously soft, perfectly pure and beautifully designed and detailed. This scrumptious bedding is made from 100% pure and natural cotton and is of the highest quality. It is a pleasure to touch and snuggle into and is incredibly breathable for Baby’s skin.

The fabric is organically grown, naturally coloured cotton jersey and is produced without using any pollution-causing harmful chemicals, pesticides or dyes. Instead of using dyes, Nature’s Purest use naturally pigmented fibres that grow in shades of soft greens, browns and neutral tones.

The artistic design work is distinctive and delicate yet fun with different themes including Hug Me, Sleepy Safari, and Teddy and Ele. Because of the use of natural pigments, the colour schemes are soft and neutral, which is great for either gender child. The overall design and manufacturing of this product is thorough and detailed, with beautifully finished seams and edges. What’s more, Nature’s Purest are proud to use environmentally and socially conscious production, using the highest ethical labour standards.

Baby loves his bed linen and the quilt has been a perfect first quilt for him this last winter. The Cot bumper attaches easily and securely to the cot and protects against those bumps in the night. I have also found that as expected the fitted sheet fit perfectly and is well elasticized, the flat sheet has beautifully detailed decorative stitching and is large enough to tuck in properly. The fabric itself has some stretch, which is great because it allows Baby his natural movement, whilst keeping him secure and tucked in.

I have found that all the bedding launders really well and I think that with proper care, they will last for a long time and even be passed on to Baby’s future sibling/s (!). Do check for the individual care instructions and use a delicate washing detergent.

I recommend Nature’s Purest and think it is definitely worth investing in this luxury baby bed linen. It is ethically produced, top of the range, pure and natural which makes it perfect for your precious little baby and the environment.

For more information on these quality products, please visit CNP Brands.

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Reader Review: Crayola Grow N Up 3 In 1 Easel

Posted by Diana on Friday Oct 14, 2011 Under Baby presents

Katrina was the winner of the Reader Review competition – here is Katrina’s review of the Crayola Grow N Up 3 In 1 Easel.

The easel is so easy to put together its only the four legs you need to click in place as well as  the tray that sits in between  and then its play time!

The easel came with magnetic letters and a white board duster which I think is fantastic! The easel has a white board side and that side is also magnetic for your magnetic letters and on the other side is the chalk board. Both sides have paper holders so the kids can put paper in to do paintings and drawings. Being plastic it’s really light making it easy to move around the house as well as outside, especially if the kids want to do some painting.

My kids really love this they have played with it constantly since it has arrived. They love attempting to make words with the letters and endless drawings on the chalk board. My son now thinks he is a school teacher!

When it comes to cleaning, it’s easy! A wet cloth is all you need and it’s clean in a minute!

Overall the Crayola Easel is fantastic, educational and fun and we are really happy with this product.

Visit the website to find out more about the Crayola Easel and other great products from Kidsproductsonline.

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Hip Little Bubba

Posted by Diana on Tuesday Jul 19, 2011 Under Baby Clothes, Baby presents

I must admit I love dressing Baby up in co-ordinated outfits. Whether it’s going to the playground or attending a friend’s birthday party, Baby always looks undisputedly hip. She has even started helping me dress her, pointing to the shoes and hats she’d like to wear with her outfit.

I was excited when a friend told me about Hip Little Bubba – an online boutique with funky clothes for babies and toddlers. The first time I visited the site, I spent hours looking through the gorgeous range of clothes and shoes for Bubba and of course some exquisite products for the Yummy Mummy too! It’s not just clothes and shoes (as much as we love clothes and shoes) there is a wide range of sleeping bags (look at those Grobags), muslin wraps, nursing covers, nappy bags, nursery decorations, classic toys and more.

I make no secret that I love shopping for baby products online and I have encountered many websites in my pursuit to buy quality baby products. Hip Little Bubba makes the online shopping experience fun and really easy. The website is bright and colourful with well photographed products neatly categorised. On the left hand side of the site, there is a helpful preview pane where you can see all the products, your cart, brands stocked, specials and best of all – viewed products. In the flurry of looking at so many funky baby products on Hip Little Bubba, it was good to have a record of the viewed products as it gave me a good short list. You can create a wishlist of your favourite products too!

From my short list I decided on the fabulous Bali inspired Hip Little Bubba Ava Harem Pants. These pants are made from 100% balinese cotton with elasticised ankles and waist. The pants which are super comfy for Bubba are available in lilac and fuchsia. I decided on two cheeky tees made from organic cotton – the Hip Little Bubba Cheeky Monkey tee and the Classic Hip Little Bubba tee. The tees have envelope necks for easy dressing. I couldn’t resist the Cheeky Little Soles white with love heart shoes as well.

The Cheeky Little Soles shoes are made from super soft leather, with cotton lining and black padded soles for extra comfort and protection. Baby who is currently perfecting her walking technique, loves wearing her new shoes which feature non-slip soles making it very easy for her to walk. The shoes are constructed with no uncomfortable open seams and feature a pretty design of colourful love hearts. The generous sizing means Baby will be wearing her Cheeky Little Sole shoes throughout the Queensland winter and summer too!

Hip Little Bubba is based in Hong Kong and ships everywhere. In fact, Australia is one of their biggest markets. My parcel arrived in Australia within seven days wrapped in gorgeous fuchsia paper and protected by a padded bag. The products from Hip Little Bubba would make funky presents and Gift Vouchers are available too. Bring out the hip in you and check out Hip Little Bubba for yourself!

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