BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One – The One and Only

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Baby_Bjorn_One_CarrierAt 2 months old, it was time for Baby to go to watch his Dad play soccer. Dad proudly carried Baby to the oval in the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One to introduce Baby to his soccer mates. The Baby Carrier One is the new multifunctional front and back baby carrier from BabyBjorn.

When Dad went on the field to play, I took Baby in the Baby Carrier One. Despite our large size difference, it was quick and easy for Dad and me to swap the carrier between us with a few small adjustments. To put on the Baby Carrier One, slip the straps over your head like you are putting on a jumper, then adjust the back yoke and fasten the waist belt. After loosening the shoulder straps and unbuckling the head support and safety buckle on one side, Baby can be placed in the carrier. Then simply fasten all buckles and adjust the straps.

After a few short moments of watching Dad play, Baby fell asleep. In the special newborn position, with Baby facing me, I find that he magically falls asleep. This is, of course, one of my favourite features! The Baby Carrier One has been developed with paediatricians to provide the right support for baby’s head, back and hips, so I can be reassured knowing that Baby is physically supported and comfortable. The Baby Carrier One is also the most comfortable carrier I have used with its generously padded shoulder straps and waist belt which helps to relieve pressure off my shoulders and back, so that I can carry Baby for longer periods in comfort.

While we are getting so much use out of the Baby Carrier One now, it is the one and only carrier we will need. It can be used from birth (3.5 kilograms) to 3 years (15 kilograms), which is a surprise considering how much babies grow and change in size in that time. In addition to the newborn position, the Baby Carrier One can be used to carry your 4 month + old baby inward facing (in either the normal leg or wide leg position) and outward facing, as well as carrying your 12 month + old baby on your back. The Baby Carrier One is the first BabyBjorn Carrier that allows you to carry your baby on your back. I was surprised to see that you can place your baby safely on your back on your own, by first placing your baby in the carrier on your front and then moving the baby to your back with a simple action. I can only imagine how cute Baby will look being carried on Dad’s back to his very own first game of soccer…

A very useful accessory for the Baby Carrier One is the bib, which will protect the carrier from your baby’s drips and drools, when they face outwards. It is reassuring that the carrier, which is made from certified cotton, is also machine washable in case of any spills! To find out more about the BabyBjorn Carrier One and accessories visit the BabyBjorn website.

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Natures Sway Hammocks

Posted by Diana on Monday May 20, 2013 Under Newborn

Natures_Sway_1I first encountered Natures Sway hammocks during a yoga class at Yoga Baby. Mums would lay their bubs to rest at intervals during the class in the hammocks and miraculously the babies would sleep.

Having never tried a hammock before, I wondered whether my babe would fall asleep as quickly as the others. As you can see from the pictures, she fell fast asleep in the comfort of the Natures Sway Hammock.

Hammocks are a wonderful alternative to western style cribs and are used allover the world to provide a perfect sleeping environment for baby. The Natures Sway hammocks are designed in New Zealand and are made from double-boiled cotton calico or organic hemp / cotton blend fabric held in place by a hard wood beam to ensure the fabric keeps apart. At the top of the hammock is a spring which allows the hammock to be bounced gently lulling baby to sleep. The hammock has been designed to support weight up to 15kgs.

Once baby is trying to roll over, sit up or wriggle around, the hammock is no longer suitable. However, in the early months, it is such a restful chilled place for baby to sleep.

The Natures Sway baby hammocks come with a natural New Zealand wool mattress. The woolen mattress provides beautiful warmth for winter babies and coolness during the summer months too. To find out more about the Natures Sway Hammocks and the full range of accessories visit the Natures Sway website.


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Bugaboo Donkey: Believe the hype?

Posted by Daisy on Saturday Dec 8, 2012 Under Baby Activities, Baby Travel, Newborn

It’s fair to say that here at we like a good pram. So, as you can imagine, we have been looking forward to test-driving the Bugaboo Donkey. So the all-important question…  does it live up to everyone’s high expectations?

Since receiving the gorgeous blue and black Bugaboo Donkey, it has tirelessly served us on all kinds of expeditions – all the while patiently carrying gaggles of kids, sleeping babies, piles of shopping, stacks of dry-cleaning and mounds of miscellaneous children’s things.

What is it?

The Bugaboo Donkey is a convertible/extendable single/double stroller. With three easy clicks, it goes from a single (The Mono which is 60cms wide, which is the same as the Bugaboo Cameleon) to a full-sized double (The Duo which is 74cms wide).

Both side-by-side seating positions have independently interchangeable bassinets and seats (making it suitable for twins and different aged children from birth to 17kgs) – both of which positions are reversible and reclinable. This makes it possible to put child/s in any desired position such as facing you, the world or each other.

Being a side-by-side seating setup, the Bugaboo Donkey caters for you being able to see both children face-to-face at once increasing socialisation between you and the children and between the children themselves.

The overall operational feel and movement of the Bugaboo Donkey is excellent. It does indeed have all the things you would expect from Dutch designed Bugaboo, such as refined design, top quality, easy to use, super versatile and comfortable as anything for your precious cargo.



How it works

As a picture says a thousand words, I certainly can’t compete with the great little Bugaboo clip that explains how it works. It is made in sections and covers the following sections – which I have also commented on:

  • Mono duo mono convertibility – very well designed to be easy to use and stress free. Remove seat, three clicks, add basket, done. Remove basket, three clicks, add seat done. Simple as pie.
  • Suitable from birth – bassinets  are soft, spacious, sturdy and secure. Very easy to remove whilst Baby continues to sleep soundly.
  • Reversible and reclinable seats – fantastic feature. Increased surveillance and socialisation, but also ability for child to look out and see the world. I find my toddler usually wants to look out (and chatters away to me), whilst I feel much more comfortable being able to see Baby (especially whilst they are sleeping). Also worth mentioning that the toddler seat is easy to climb in and out of. The harness system is the best I have used: It is adult friendly and child safe and easily adjustable.
  • Multi-terrain – It has been able to go wherever I have wanted to go so far, including several off-road conditions (even at a slow jog!).
  • Two-wheel position – This would be fabulous for the beach using the larger wheels only (see the cool clip).
  • One-piece fold and self-standing – Once you have the knack of the fold it is quick and easy. It seems to fold in on itself once and then again.
  • Compact fold – compact fold… well I suppose this is relevant right?! Obviously it is considerably larger than my Maclaren umbrella pusher, but then again that is comparing apples and oranges. It is a double stroller and folds very compactly for what it is. You can always change it into single before folding it, which makes it even more compact.
  • Car seat adaptability – this is a great feature for a newborn, so as to not wake them when transferring from the car.
  • Brake and height adjustable handle bar – No surprise that this is yet another perfectly designed feature. Easy, simple, practical and a must if you want comfort for both pushers of differing vertical needs. There is also a safety strap located in the centre of the handlebar which can reach to either hand position. The handle bar itself has a great hand feel and is super sturdy.

You can also explore all the chassis details (such as the swivel wheels, brake block, suspension etc.) at, which is a cool little interactive map showing how all the parts are work.

Statistics… and how they rated

  • Suitable from birth to 17 kg / 37.5 Lbs – As well as this suitability, it also can accommodate different ages at the same time and also grow as your family does. I think this is a key feature.  
  • Dimension one-piece fold into Duo: 52 x 74 x 93 cm / 20.5 X 29 x 36.6″ – As a Duo it does fit through most doorways and does fit on all paths that cater for wheelchair access. Just remember, it is a double pram so just use common sense.
  • Dimension compact fold: 91 x 60 x 40 / 34.3 X 23.6 X 15.7″ – As mentioned above this is really about the same as a full sized single.
  • Weight stroller with 2 seats: 15 kg / 33.4 Lbs – You can feel the difference between a single stroller and packed double stroller, but that is to be expected. Also, if you are carrying children of different weights side-by-side (e.g. newborn and toddler) you can feel that the pram requires a little extra effort on the heavier side. So, if you are worried about overdeveloping the muscles on one arm you can always change the bassinet and seat positions between outings 😉
  • Width in duo: 74 cm / 29″ (width in mono: 60 cm / 23,6″) – As above
  • Width with one car seat: 84 cm / 33.1″ –  This is a little wider that the full Duo width, so just watch those doorways.
  • Storage: under seat basket 28 lbs – So much storage you can easily do a decent shop at the grocery store whether you have one or two kids in tow.
  • 10″ Swivel wheels & 12″ rear wheels with air filled tyres – This larger wheel size means that the Bugaboo Donkey easily takes on the great outdoors and also enjoys a suburban jog. Remember to check the pressure in the tires to ensure maximum comfort for passengers. The swivel wheels also mean the pusher is very easy to direct, even with one hand in the centre of the handlebar.

After test-driving the Bugaboo Donkey it is evident that all the details have been thoughtfully engineered and well made. It is like a high precision piece of kit but also super easy to operate. Like they say the ‘vision comes from a distinct Dutch point of view that informs design at Bugaboo: reduce complexity to the essence to create harmonious form and function that endures.’

So, does it live up to our high expectations?

Well that would be an unequivocal yes. The Bugaboo Donkey promises to do a lot and it delivers on it all. Exceptionally well.

If you have two children of pram ages (i.e. twins or different ages) this pram offers an excellent transport solution. Here at we continue to be impressed with Bugaboo and are excited to see what they get up to next!

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Natural Baby with Bambo Nature

Posted by Diana on Monday Mar 26, 2012 Under Baby grooming, Newborn

At 20 months old, Baby is becoming more interested in toilet training, nappy options and more confident in voicing her opinion on both!

In the evening she insists on a quick stint on her potty before her bath. Following her evening bath when she is fresh and clean she wears a nappy to bed. In the morning she will enthusiastically call out from her cot, in her loudest voice, to wear her “nappy pants”.

I’ve recently discovered Bambo Nature Eco Disposable Nappies which are comfortable, well fitting, highly absorbent and wonderful for overnight. The Bambo Nature disposable nappy features a breathable fabric feel top layer with a double leakage barrier, to keep Baby dry and a really absorbent core. The tabs on the nappy are velcro-style, and re-sealable. In addition, Bambo Nature nappies are made in Denmark and feature a biodegradable core, which is 75% biodegradable as opposed to 35% in standard nappies. The raw materials used to produce the nappy are certified free from harmful chemicals, are 100% free from chlorine, TBT, PVC and latex too!

Given Bambo Nature’s green credentials, I’m not surprised that Baby loves wearing a Bambo Nature nappy to bed and hasn’t experienced nappy rash since we’ve made the switch.

Bambo Nature Nappies are available for Babies to Toddlers in the following sizes:

  • Premature – from birth to around 3kg
  • Newborn – from birth to around 4kg
  • Mini – from approx 3.5kg to around 5kg
  • Midi – from 5kg to just under 9kg
  • Maxi – from around 8.5kg to around 13kg
  • Maxi Plus – from around 13kg
  • Junior and XL Plus – from around 15kg

After a comfortable nights sleep in her Bambo Nature Nappy (with no leakage) Baby springs into action in the morning and asks for “Ma Ma” first and her “Nappy Pants” second. It’s the Bambo Eco Disposable Training Pants she is calling out for when she requests her “Nappy Pants”. The Bambo Training Pants have been ideal for her transition from nappies to toilet training. To put on the Bambo training pants, I help Baby step into them and she pulls the training pants up all by herself. The training pants allow Baby to practice using the potty during the day without too much assistance from me.

The Bambo Eco Disposable Training Pants feature a highly absorbent core, stretchy feel for a good fit and cute styling with a picture of a seal in an aquatic scene. The Bambo Training Pants are very spacious back and front – perfect for both boys and girls. To take the nappy pants off, you simply tear each side and roll them up. There is no need to lie Baby down on a change table to take the pants off or even to put them on. They are simply amazing!

Keeping with the best eco-intentions in mind for Baby, I have adopted Jackson Reece Biodegradable Organic Baby Wipes. These wipes are thick, strong and are available in scented and unscented. I must admit I like the fresh smell of the Jackson Reece Biodegradable Scented Wipes. The scented wipes are infused with a blend of Tea Tree Oil, Aloe Vera and the aromatherapy of Lavender for soothing Baby’s precious bottom.Both the Jackson Reece Biodegradable Unscented Wipes and Scented Wipes have purified water as a key ingredient to prevent nappy rash. Both wipes are free from nasties, such as alcohol and chlorine. The wipes are made in the UK and specifically designed for children with sensitive skin. Jackson Reece make Flushable Biodegradable Organic Baby Wipes too. Which I’m sure we’ll use once we make our foray to the toilet!

To find out more on the range of eco-friendly Bambo Nature Nappies, Bambo Training Pants and Jackson Reece Baby Wipes visit

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Ready for Baby with Tasman Eco

Posted by Diana on Monday Feb 20, 2012 Under Baby Furniture, Newborn

Getting organised and ready for the arrival of a new Baby is exciting for everyone. I believe the two essential items for a Nursery are a good quality Bassinet and Change Table. This satisfies Baby, whose early life routine includes; feeding, sleeping, nappy changing and then feeding, sleeping and nappy changing some more! My recommendation for these newborn essentials are the Tasman Eco Amore Bassinet and the Tasman Eco Turin Change Table.

The Tasman Eco Amore Bassinet is well constructed with a solid timber frame which has beautiful curved ends. The sides are made from a lovely, breathable,mesh fabric – which is fully washable. Not only is the bassinet easy to clean, it is very easy to move around and very safe. My favourite feature are the four castor lockable wheels. I’ve found the wheels handle well both on timber floor boards and carpet. It is so convenient to have a bassinet which is mobile, it means Baby can be with you, no matter where you are in your home and safe from movement when the wheels are locked.

The Amore Bassinet is spacious for Baby with the following dimensions: height 84cm, length 84.5cm and width 54.5cm. The inside bassinet measurements are: length 79cm and width 39cm. When Baby is big enough, an easy transition can be made to the Tasman Eco Siena Cot. The Tasman Eco Amore Bassinet is a fantastic choice for a newborn and is available in White, Latte and Mocha. Tasman Eco products are stained with 100% non-toxic finishes and paints to minimise common allergy triggers.

The Tasman Eco Turin Change Table is made from the same quality finished timber and is available in the same stylish colours. It is such a practical change table – it’s high sides protect even the most active baby from rolling off. There is no bar at the end, which means even the tallest of babies can be changed on this change table. The four wheels give you easy mobility and two brakes on the front wheels provide added safety.

The two shelves underneath provide ample space for accessible storage which allow you to organise Baby’s necessities. Baskets can be bought which fit perfectly on the shelves to organise baby’s clothes, lotions and potions. You’ll need to buy the Change Mat separately and the ideal size change mat is 79cm x 46.5cm for this Change Table. When fully assembled, this change table is 99.5cm high, 84.5cm long and 56.5cm wide. As with all Tasman Eco furniture, assembly can be done DIY or with the help of an Expert who can assemble the furniture for you.

The Tasman Eco Amore Bassinet and Turin Change Table compliment each other with elegant curves and lines. As Baby’s storage needs grow, you’ll find more great ideas for furniture on the Tasma Eco website.

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Boppy – Baby’s First Nest

Posted by Diana on Wednesday Dec 21, 2011 Under Feeding Baby, Newborn

I first discovered the Boppy Pillow at a Baby Expo. It’s unique hug shape caught my eye and having never used a feeding pillow before, I was keen to try the Boppy Pillow with Baby.

That evening when it was time for Baby’s last breastfeed before bedtime, I sat comfortably and put the Boppy pillow around my waist with ease. The Boppy Pillow has been designed with the ergonomics of breastfeeding for Mum and Baby in mind! To adjust the Boppy pillow – just turn it. This is great if you want more lower back support.

I could rest my arms on the pillow while securely holding Baby. It made breast feeding Baby easier, especially in those early months when the feeds were so frequent. Baby seemed supremely comfortable on the Boppy too.

As Baby has grown, the Boppy has adapted to become a little nest, a great pillow to practise “tummy time”, crawling and sitting. Baby still enjoys sitting in the Boppy as a toddler. The Boppy slip cover is 100% cotton and is removable for machine washing. The covers come in a range of funky colours and prints. If you have a serious spill, you can machine wash the whole pillow and it will never lose its shape.

I’ve found the Boppy Pillow to be incredibly versatile and can understand why Boppy is the market leader in America for nursing and baby support pillows.

Chicco has introduced the Boppy pillow to Australia. To find out more information on the Boppy Pillow visit the Chicco and Boppy World websites.

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It is a luxury to be able to keep a close eye on Baby whilst maximizing my much-needed sleep. The Motorola Baby Video Monitor enables me to do just that. It also gives me peace of mind, which has become one of the most precious things to me as a parent.

I used to listen at sick Baby’s door to check his breathing or creep into his room to make sure the ambient temperature was OK. I don’t like to admit, but I have accidently woken him up doing so. I just love that the Motorola Baby Video Monitor enables me to see (it has enhanced infrared night vision!) and hear how Baby is sleeping and breathing and to check the room temperature, without disturbing him.

I am really impressed that the Motorola Baby Video Monitor is so easy to set-up and operate. You simply take it out of the box, charge it all up and it is ready to go. It has a thin little Users Manual (I find the size of this manual comforting) which clearly lays out what is what. Simply switch it on and you are away! I also love that it has clear buttons that are easy to navigate even when woken from a dream and still cloudy eyed.

This baby monitor being made by wireless communications expert Motorola is at the top of the game. It is a seriously impressive but easy to use product. There are two units: the baby unit and the parent unit. The parent unit has a high-resolution 3.5-inch colour screen and has amazing sound quality with a level indicator. It uses digital wireless technology, has two-way communication and has a range of 450 feet. It has a room temperature thermometer on the baby unit and display on the parent unit. It also has all those practical things such as 3.5 hours of wireless monitoring without recharging, and out of range and out of battery warnings. It also has a selection of lullabies that can be controlled from the parent monitor.

In everyday general use, it allows me a great deal of freedom that I would not otherwise have. With its range of up to 450 feet, I can see and hear Baby from anywhere in our house or garden. I often take the monitor outside with me when I am hanging out the laundry or on that rare occasion that I am relaxing outside in the sunshine, the baby monitor sits up patiently on the table next to my cool drink.

The Motorola Baby Video Monitor is ideal for any parent who needs to catch up on their own sleep, appreciates quality products and wants to keep an eye on their baby from anywhere within their house or garden.

For more information on the Motorola Baby Video Monitor, please visit CNP Brands.

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Newborn Mum: snuggly with Valco Baby’s Headhugger

Posted by Lyndal on Monday Nov 7, 2011 Under Baby Travel, Newborn

Baby has recently made her intentions clear: she’d like to sit up.

The trouble is, she doesn’t as yet have the neck control to hold her posture when awake, and has a tendency to flop to one side when she has a nap in her pram or car seat.

I’ve been on the move of late, expanding the ten kilometre catchment of how far I was willing to travel from home when she was a newborn…so it’s important that Missy travels in comfort. With that in mind, we sorted her out with a headhugger, and the Valco Baby Allsorts Seatpad & Headhugger set is just lovely.

The fabric is beautiful – so soft! It achieves the double act of being cuddly in colder weather, and soft and unsweaty in the scorching heat.

We opted for the licorice colour, but there’s a lovely range of colours to choose from including cherry, grape, lime  and orange. The licorice just happened to coordinate nicely with Baby’s Safe-nSound convertible car seat, have also used the set in our Valco Baby Matrix Dart pram.

This Newborn Mum loves the fact that it’s not a fiddly thing to use. Pull the straps through the openings then Velcro everything together, and presto, you’re on the move. Anything that simple and non-fuss has my money every time these days. And that goes double for this really lovely accessory being machine washable and easy to dry.

Having said all that, the best thing about this product is the moment when I see my darling little girl having a snooze in her pram or car seat, and she’s rested, comfy and peaceful with thanks to her Headhugger.


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The Modern Classic Highchair: Stokke Tripp Trapp

Posted by Daisy on Wednesday Jul 27, 2011 Under Baby Furniture, Feeding Baby, Newborn

In my family eating together at the dinner table is of utmost importance. Whether it is for a quick breakfast of toast or a leisurely degustation birthday dinner feast, it is an important time for us to spend quality time together. For this reason, it is essential that Baby have a chair that can fit right into our table, allowing him to learn, develop and socialize right alongside us from his first informative days.

We bought our Stokke Tripp Trapp when Baby was very young and have been enjoying it ever since. I chose the natural Birch colour with white Baby Set, which I think looks great in our sunny home. More importantly, Baby is always happy, secure and comfortable in his Tripp Trapp, whether eating, drawing or helping me cook!

The Stokke Tripp Trapp highchair is the only child’s chair that can take you from baby to adult, keeping you secure and comfortable all the way. It is fully adjusting to the size of your growing child, which ensures they are always at the perfect height to eat, play and interact. The sturdy wooden frame holds the seat level and footplate, both of which are adjustable in terms of height and depth. This ensures your child is at the correct level with the table and also has their feet well supported as well as enabling comfortable natural ergonomic sitting. The Tripp Trapp also comes with ‘gliders’ that attach at the bottom of the highchair to ensure stability.

The Norwegian designed Tripp Trapp is thoughtfully designed and made from beautiful and long lasting materials. It is made primarily of wood with metal ‘screws’ and strengthening rods, which can easily be loosened (with the tool provided) to enable adjustment. I have found this very easy and practical, as Baby is growing so quickly and before I know it I have to lower the footplate or adjust the seat depth.

It is also an environmentally considerate highchair; being built to last generations and made from cultivate birch. It comes in an extensive range of beautiful natural timber finishes such as European Oak, American Walnut and Cherry and great colours including red, pink, blue, green and purple and also black and white.

I have to admit that I love Scandinavian design aesthetics and the Tripp Trapp is no exception. It is a good-looking highchair. Instead of a highchair that one might put away when not in use or definitely when having a dinner party, the Tripp Trapp has pride of place at the table and also can be easily adjusted to fit an adult!

Also, I know it is such a busy parent issue, but I also find that the Stokke Tripp Trapp is really easy to keep clean. We just give it a quick wipe down with a soft cloth after each use. Very boring I know, but an important point!


Stokke Tripp Trapp Features:

Height and depth adjustable seat and footplate:

  • Grows with your child.
  • Lifts the floor up to your child – gives stability and ability to move.
  • Chair adapts to your child’s body instead of vice versa.
  • Elevates your child up to the correct height at the table.
  • Child is part of dining experience.
  • Promotes parent – child bonding.
  • Child is sitting ergonomically correct.
  • Longevity of product.

Manufactured from cultivated beech:

  • Strong, solid and durable.
  • Environmentally friendly/safety.
  • Longevity of product.

No fixed tray:

  • Comes closer to the table.
  • Develops hand/eye co-ordination.
  • Socializing.
  • Easy for your child to move.

Available Stokke Tripp Trapp Accessories:

There are lots of fantastic accessories such as a Newborn Set, Baby Set, Table Top, Cushions (seriously fun fabrics!), Extended Glider and Harness.

I highly recommend the Stokke Tripp Trapp because it is an exceptional highchair that can take you from newborn to adulthood. For more information on the Stokke Tripp Trapp, other great Stokke products and information on issues such as safety and how to adjust your highchair to ensure correct sitting position, visit the Stokke website.

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Beauty, Brains and Buff: The Maclaren Techno XT

Posted by Daisy on Thursday Jul 14, 2011 Under Baby Activities, Baby Travel, Newborn


Why is there something about the Maclaren Techno XT that reminds me of James Bond? After some thought I decided that no, I am not just being over dramatic, but yes indeed, there are quite a few points which form this association. Firstly, the Maclaren Techno XT is high-tech, good looking, packed with innovative features, sporty and adventurous but also sophisticated and elegant and, oh yes… British…

The truly winning point for me is that the Maclaren Techno XT is that oh so rare, versatile all-in-one package. It is safe and comfortable for baby and can take us from sporty outdoors adventures to elegant exhibition openings where everyone is sipping cocktails and dressed in black.

On our most recent trip to visit baby’s grandparents in Melbourne, we used the Maclaren Techno XT as our all-in-one pusher. We used it for varied activities including jogs on unsealed terrain, strolls on grass and sand, lots of pavement walking, shopping and gallery perusing.

We are extremely impressed with the Maclaren Techno XT, in terms of appearance and performance. It comes in a variety of great colours and we just love the Crown/Blue, which has charcoal and silver coloured detailing. It has a 5-point harness system and the seat is well padded for baby’s safety and comfort. It performs very well in all regards, is easy to maneuver and fold (only needs one hand!) and makes a comfortable and secure sleeping pad for baby whilst out and about (baby has never slept as well in any other pusher!).

Like the super lightweight Maclaren Volo, the Maclaren Techno XT is a compact umbrella pusher. At the other end of the Maclaren range, the Techno XT is a little heavier than the Volo, however with this little extra weight comes a whole host of features, the Techno XT revealing itself as a high-tech, highly detailed, super comfortable, rather sporty little number!


The Maclaren Techno XT features:

  • Basic Weight 7.9kgs: The Techno XT is a great balance between being lightweight and having all the features that enable it to be a high-tech all-in-one pusher.
  • Carrying Capacity up to 20kg: This weight capacity allows for the Maclaren Techno XT to be used well into early toddlerhood.
  • Appropriate From Birth: The Techno XT is suitable to use from birth and comes with extra support pads to ensure newborn baby is supported and comfortable.
  • Recline Four positions: The four recline positions are amazing! From sitting in a fully upright position, to relaxed reclining, to horizontal for maximum sleeping comfort. You can raise the seat incline with one hand from behind, but do need two hands to lower the seat, which is easily done by lifting two small levers. Also, when the seat is fully reclined, the rear cover fits snugly around the head and the hood can unfold right forward over the seat, which creates an enclosed little bed.
  • Wheel Size 16.5cm/ 6.5in: The large wheel size is ample for not only urban areas but also strolling and even jogging on graded unsealed terrain, such as grass or gravel. Also, the pusher’s maneuverability can be enhanced with the built-in front wheel swivel function.
  • Hood design: The hood design is a great feature. It is extendable with a neatly zipped section that can fold forward to protect baby from weather and creates a protected little bed when the seat is reclined.  There is also an in-build clear visor folded neatly under the hood that is easily flipped out to provide extra protection from the weather.  The pusher also has a large reflective stripe on the hood, which is a great visual feature and also acts as an important safety feature.
  • Hood air vents and large viewing widow: The air vents enable good air circulation and the large viewing window?enables a clear view to baby.
  • Elasticized pockets: There are two generous elasticized pockets, which can carry the rain cover and mosquito net. I also find them useful for carrying things like my phone and keys that I like to have easily accessible.
  • Satin finish handles: The satin finish handles not only look great, but are comfortable and easy to keep clean. The handles are also extendable which allows adjustment for all users.
  • Reflective hubcap design: I think these are a good safely feature, particularly if you ever use your pusher in situations of low visibility.
  • Foot-operated linked parking brakes: The red brakes are linked to the park brakes and can be easily activated with either foot from behind either rear wheel.
  • Front and rear suspension: I think bub would like to thank Maclaren for the four-wheel suspension! It certainly does seem to add to the comfort of baby’s ride and allows for use on varied terrain.
  • Extendable leg rest: I have found this to be a great feature to complete horizontal comfort when baby is reclined and sleeping.
  • Flexible footrest: This is great when pusher is in use and when pusher is folded.
  • Height adjustable shoulder harness: This is yet another fantastic Maclaren detail that ensures maximum safely and comfort for your child.
  • Includes headhugger and shoulder pads: These ensure that when the Maclaren Techno XT is used from birth, your newborn baby is safe and comfortable.
  • Carry Handle: This is a very handy feature when carrying the pusher folded.
  • Rain cover (included): The rain cover is quick and easy to attach with built-in clips and provides great protection. It also comes with the pusher!
  • Footmuff (included): Particularly in cooler climates this is a great feature to keep baby snugly warm, enabling you to continue getting out and about as the cold sets in. It also has a large reflective stripe on the front, which is a great visual feature, but also acts as an important safety feature at times of low visibility.


The Maclaren Techno XT boasts all the usual Maclaren features:

  • 5-point harness system: This feature is well balanced and secure, with the clasp requiring quite some finger strength ensuring it to be child safe. Strap lengths at all points are easily adjustable.
  • Washable seat: This is a very practical feature for those dirty parts that are just a bit much for baby wipes to tackle.
  • Compact Umbrella Fold: This is a truly winning feature in my opinion. The pusher folds up very easily into a compact package, making it so easy to carry and stow.
  • Foot operated brakes: The red foot operated breaks are linked to park brakes, which can be activated with either foot with levers situated behind both back wheels.
  • Shopping basket: The Techno XT shopping basket has a 3kg weight capacity and reaches all the way under the seat.  It is large enough for storing all the things we need for a day’s outing or even an impromptu grocery shop!
  • High performance aluminium: It is Maclaren’s use of the strong aluminium frame, which enables the Techno XT pusher to be so lightweight.
  • Rain cover (included): The Techno XT’s rain cover works very well, is easy to use and folds into a tiny bundle to be carried in a pocket at the back of the seat.
  • Water resistant hood: The hood design of Techno XT is a real success. The neatly zipped section enables the hood to extend forward over baby for increased protection and also provides good coverage when baby is reclined or sleeping. Neatly folded under the hood, there is a clear waterproof visor that can flip out to provide extra protection when needed.


The Maclaren XT suggested accessories include:

  • Light Packaway Footmuff
  • Parasol
  • Carry Bag
  • Buggy Blankets
  • Liners
  • Universal Organiser
  • Field Bag
  • Park Bag
  • Mini utility tote

If you are after a safe, durable, high-tech and stylish all-in-one pusher, my husband and I (and baby I’m sure!) highly recommend the Maclaren Techno XT. We find it to be very well designed and thoroughly detailed, attractive and appropriate for varied use in urban and graded terrain conditions. Being lightweight and compact also means it is ideal for travel.

For further details on this product and the full Maclaren range please visit CNP Brands


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