Baby’s wild imagination

Posted by Diana on Thursday Dec 23, 2010 Under Baby presents, Baby Toys

Today I observed baby being entertained by a puppet show performed by her two cousins. Her school aged cousins were giving each puppet a different voice and personality, the puppets were getting up to various antics and baby was giggling in response and clapping her hands.

Baby responded so positively to the imagination displayed in the show that I reflected on the ‘playtimes’ we enjoy most together. Often the best experiences are when I’m imaginative, adding interest to the toys around her, whether it is giving a French accent to ‘Alfie’ the lama or pretending her hippo is heavy footed, she gains maximum entertainment when I am at my imaginative best.

In fact, I think I’m enhancing her imagination when I get creative during playtime. So to encourage an imaginative baby and ensure those toys opened at Christmas last longer than a day, give the toys a name and let your imagination run wild – baby’s imagination will probably run wild too!

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