Picnic with baby

Posted by Diana on Wednesday Dec 29, 2010 Under Baby Toys, Baby Travel

It is the season to be jolly! And a picnic is a great way for you and baby to catch up with family and friends.

When planning your picnic, choose a location which is picturesque, has suitable facilities and adequate shade. Bring hats and sunscreen for yourself and baby. Banana Boat makes an excellent range of sunscreen for babies, children and adults. Hats with ties can prevent babies and little ones from pulling them off.

Outdoor shade huts are a great idea, put a rug inside with toys and you’ll find it a place to congregate for all the little ones. The babies will love the interaction with the other babies. Bring your stroller to the picnic site and once they’re tired they can retreat for a nap.

Make it a gourmet feast for the adults, planning the dishes you’ll each bring. Outdoor games like bocce are fun to play too.

Finally, relax and enjoy the good company.

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