Baby is balancing and sitting

Posted by Diana on Monday Jan 10, 2011 Under Baby Toys, Baby Travel

I realised baby had mastered the art of sitting, when she managed to sit in a highchair and hold a menu at the same time!

The quest to develop the skill of sitting, started on her Mamas’n’Papas playmat. Baby maneuvered from a crawling position to a sitting position, by rolling over and propping herself up on her playmat. She was a little shaky at first, but with lots of practice and encouragement, she began to improve.

To assist baby in her pursuit to sit, we bought her a Prince Lionheart Bebepod Boost Seat. It has a soft plastic moulded seat which allows baby to sit comfortably and is easy to clean. It comes with a compatible tray, placemat and toy. The seat has a three point child safety harness and best of all is the dual strap which allows the booster to be strapped to an adult chair.

We found the Bebepod to be wonderful when we were travelling, as we could transform any adult chair into a baby high chair and could feed her wherever we stayed on our roadtrip. For more information on tips for baby’s road trips, see Baby Car Travel.

One Response to “Baby is balancing and sitting”

  1. Alison Says:

    I have a Bumbo which sounds similar to the Bebepod Boost Seat. I think they’re good for teaching baby to sit.