Newborn Mum: baby’s room – part one

Posted by Lyndal on Sunday Apr 10, 2011 Under Newborn

This little haven for baby could have previously been a study or office, or it’s a specific bedroom you have in mind, or you’re working with a temporary and space constrained arrangement. I’m in the latter situation, so every inch and potential source of storage counts.

Baby Kingdom Nursery FurnitureThere are essentials to a nursery that have to be your first priority when you’re not working with palatial luxuries. These are some of them:

  • Somewhere for baby to sleep: from newborn to about four months, then four months to toilet training age, then onwards…
  • Somewhere for baby to be fed
  • Somewhere for baby to have a bath
  • Somewhere for baby to be changed
  • Somewhere for storage

Then there’s making it all look nice, and decorating is definitely the fun bit.

I got my baby kit induction at Baby Kingdom, where they have prototype nurseries set up so you can see how all this stuff fits together. So this blog is a focus on somewhere for baby to sleep.


Sleepy time

I’m slightly amused by the need for a cot, given that all you hear is that babies never sleep. But you do need one sooner or later. Baby’s sleeping arrangement is an important investment. You might want to think beyond ‘just a cot’, especially given that you can plan for up to about three years ahead – and convert the furniture for other uses beyond that – and save yourself a bundle.

You can go for high quality wood and an obvious top-of-the-range quality or for a more budget conscious solution. They really do all look great.

Many cots upscale to become toddler beds. There are chests of draws that can accommodate a change table top, then later a hutch with bookshelves – great for adaptable storage so you can just top it up as you go and as your needs and space constraints change.

For my money, I love the Tasman Eco and King Parrot products – but then I’m working with a nursery space that needs to accommodate well proportioned options. Also, if being environmentally conscious is high on your priority list, I have to say the Tasman Eco range is great.

Tasman Eco has not only thought about adaptability in your home, but that grandparents will also be a big part of Baby’s life too. So their cots are designed to transform from chaise lounge to cot and back again. I’m leaning towards the Siena in white. Which would look lovely at my Mum’s place. For my place – when we finally get one – I quite like the Tuscany.

In the King Parrot range I like the Yarra and the Daintree cots. It’s great that this stuff is made using Queensland timber, too, so less on the old carbon footprint, a homegrown choice and it’s a good middle of the range solution that is still of a really gorgeous quality.

Both Tasman Eco and King Parrot have excellent warranties too and you can have a cot-and-mattress bundle deal on some of them at Baby Kingdom.



You can go for inner spring, foam or latex mattresses. I like the Tasman Eco latex boori mattress, which is very reasonably priced.


In the beginning

As a starter for the first four months, I love the Tasman Eco Amore bassinette and King Parrot Cub bassinette. I am also thinking about a Moses basket from Mothercare.

Having a bassinet or Moses basket is a very personal choice. It’s absolutely fine to put your baby straight in a cot, in fact I’ve heard many people recommend that it’s easier in the long run because there are no transitional issues later. I’m just one of those people that would quite like Junior to feel snuggly for the first few months and to be able to move them around the house with me throughout the day. But it is not essential that you have a specific newborn sleeping option – a cot is fine.

4 Responses to “Newborn Mum: baby’s room – part one”

  1. michelle Says:

    I found that it’s a really good idea to have a cot that can later convert into a bed, it seems like it will be forever that they are in the cot, but it goes surprisingly quick: )

  2. Kirsten Says:

    One thing I would recommend checking before you buy is that your arm can fit through the bars. It sounds strange, but a good way to settle your baby is to pat them on the bottom or pat the mattress (something I learned in sleep school) and when the cot is lowered it’s a pain to bend over to do this.

  3. Avipsa Bajaj Says:

    Well I truly liked reading it. This post offered by you is very helpful for accurate planning.

  4. Nadine Says:

    Thank you for this review! I’m very practical and was always considering a cot that converts into a toddler bed. I was actually researching these very 2 brands so your review has convinced me that I’m headed in the right direction.