Childcare Orbit XL Travel Cot: Sleeping Soundly

Posted by Daisy on Thursday Oct 6, 2011 Under Baby Furniture, Baby Travel

To function properly I need to get enough sleep. So as a parent, this means my day-to-day life changes dramatically depending on how Baby sleeps! I am grateful that Baby is now sleeping through the night (on most nights!) – however, when we take him out of his usual surroundings this can all change…

I have found that it is so important to keep some of his bedtime routine in place whilst away, such as bath-time and stories, and to provide a familiar sleeping environment such as a familiar travel cot. We have been using the Childcare Orbit XL Travel Cot, which provides Baby with a familiar and safe bed in which to sleep soundly, which in turn enables us all have a great holiday!

The Childcare Orbit XL Travel Cot is safe and sturdy, and also lightweight and compact making it easy to use and transport. It is a classic rectangular design, with four mesh sides for visibility and comes in a great patterned fabric that helps to hide minor wear and tear that is inevitable over its lifespan. I once borrowed a travel cot that was so heavy it took two of us to lift and assemble, so this was an important factor when choosing our own travel cot. The Childcare Orbit XL also has a weight capacity of up to 13.6kgs, so can be used well into Toddlerhood.

The Childcare Orbit XL Travel Cot’s features include:

Soft-padded single action ‘lift & lock’ rails with a press-button release: I have to say I struggled the first time I assembled this travel cot. I had heard there was a “trick” to assembling it, which is true. After getting the feel for it I usually get it first time, but I still do find it somewhat frustrating (maybe I need more practice!). That said, once it is up it is great.

Quick and easy to assembly and dismantling: Once I had the ‘lift and lock’ system down-pat the rest is simple. The structure is designed to fold in on itself and reduces to a compact little bundle.

Handy toy pouch: This is really handy for not only toys, but for any of those essentials such as books, wipes, comforters etc., which I need ready at hand. I also find it perfect to store the travel cot’s cover in this pouch too.

Easy and compact for storage and transport: The Orbit XL folds very cleverly, ensuring it is as compact as possible, folding in on itself and then using the baseboard to hold it all together and protect the moving parts. When folded the travel cot fits perfectly into the neat carry bag provided, which also has a carry strap. This carry bag keeps things tidy and protects the travel cot during transit, ensuring there are no parts exposed or loose ends. Husband appreciates that it is well balanced when it needs to be carried!

Combined folding mattress and baseboard: The mattress and baseboard are combined as one and, although it is firm, is also cushioned and comfortable for Baby. It has a clever design and Velcro on the baseboard side to keep it in place in the cot.

Excellent visibility for parents and baby through 4 mesh sides: This is a really great feature. It is great to be able to see baby from all sides and I think that mesh on all sides provides visibility similar to that of his familiar cot at home.

From my experience, I have found that familiarising Baby with the travel cot before leaving home is a good idea. I suggest setting the travel cot up in their room, with familiar sheets/sleeping bag/lamb skin and letting Baby have a few sleeps in their own environment before going away. Then whilst away, we bring our own bed linen to establish the familiar feel and scent, which eases our bedtime routine. Overall, we have found the Childcare Orbit XL Travel Cot to be practical and safe. Best of all, it is a real relief for me knowing that Baby will continue to sleep soundly when away from home. It has saved more than a few weekend trips!

For more information on the Childcare Orbit XL Travel Cot, please visit CNP Brands.

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