Created by Nature

Posted by Diana on Tuesday Jul 30, 2013 Under Baby grooming

BabyFaceGirlMy baby has very sensitive skin and I’m always interested in natural ways of cleansing my baby’s skin during bath time. It was by chance that I found out about DermaVeen bath treatment – made from natural colloidal oatmeal.

Colloidal oatmeal is simply oats ground into a fine powder. When added to bathwater, it disperses making the water appear milky and this prevents the oatmeal from settling. So the oatmeal stays in the water and doesn’t sink to the bottom of the bath. The colloidal oatmeal coats, moisturises, relieves, softens, and protects my baby’s precious skin.

DermaVeen bath treatment is Australian made. The bath treatment can be used to relieve the symptoms of dry, irritated and itchy skin associated with a range of skin conditions, including; eczema and nappy rash.

The bath treatment is pH balanced, preservative free and contains no paragons, dyes or fragrances.

It’s perfect for sensitive skin and so easy to use in baby’s bath. I just sprinkle one tablespoon in her baby bath and avoid using any soap. The next day her sensitive skin has settled and she looks radiantly beautiful.

For more information on the bath treatment and full range of DermaVeen products visit the DermaVeen website

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