Eating Al Fresco with Chicco

Posted by Diana on Friday Jun 24, 2011 Under Feeding Baby

I am a child of the Seventies. I love colours like orange and lime green. I value things which are practical, well designed and truly unique. So when it came to selecting a high chair for Baby, one high chair stood out from the others – the Italian designed Chicco Polly Double Phase High Chair. I couldn’t resist it’s bold “Seventy” inspired outer cover, lime green inner cover and glossy pearly tray.

Having two covers not only provides double padding for Baby, the outer cover can be removed as Baby grows. This high chair has been designed with longevity in mind and can accommodate a 5 month old through to a 3 year old. The high chair is packed with features, creating a well supported high chair which has already grown with my Baby – who started using the Chicco Polly High Chair at 6 months and recently celebrated her first birthday.

Throughout this time, Baby has found the high chair remarkably comfortable. In other high chairs Baby squiggles and squirms, in the Chicco Polly High Chair she is settled for longer, allowing her to eat more during her mealtime. In fact, Baby has become so comfortable that she has even fallen asleep at the end of a meal in her Chicco Polly High Chair! This comfy high chair can be fully reclined and even has an adjustable leg rest. An adjustable foot plate can be secured to the leg rest at three different heights. I have the foot plate at the height closest to the tray and it is reassuring to know the foot rest can be moved down as Baby grows.

The frame adjusts to seven different heights too. There are cleverly positioned orange ergonomic buttons which allow you to customise the high chair settings to suit your space. There are four swivel wheels each with a break giving you flexibility in where you feed Baby. Occasionally I wheel the high chair onto our back deck to create an ‘Al Fresco’ dining experience for Baby. It is enjoyable for both of us having our long lunches on the deck together. I eat at the outdoor table, pointing out an interesting bird or flower, while Baby sits comfortably in her Chicco Polly High Chair observing the world around her while she eats her pasta. European dining at its best!

The armrests can be lowered so Baby can eat at the table while seated in her Chicco Polly High Chair in the future. The clip-over food tray can be removed and used at the table too. At this stage, Baby is still using the tray which clicks onto the armrests. The tray is adjustable and can be brought closer to Baby for those messier meals. A cute feature is the small dessert tray towards the base of the high chair. All of these fabulous features allow the Chicco Polly High Chair to be a fully “customised” for Baby as she grows. The high chair has a five-point safety harness with two position height adjustment to keep Baby safe and secure in her high chair.

After mealtime the PVC cover can be wiped clean and can be folded up for easy storage. The Chicco Polly Double Phase High Chair is one funky high chair truly packed with features! To find out more about this product visit the Chicco website.

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