Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Posted by Diana on Friday Dec 17, 2010 Under Baby Books


Babies adore nursery rhymes, especially those recited by a parent with an animated voice and face.  Hand actions are an added bonus in nursery rhymes like Incy Wincy Spider and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. My baby’s face lights up when we sing Patty Cake together and surprisingly The Grand Old Duke of York.

I recommend Mother Goose Treasury by Raymond Briggs as a comprehensive collection of nursery rhymes. The illustrations are fun and I’ve found nursery rhymes I remember from my childhood, just by flicking through the pages.

We recently received the Mother Goose Treasury as a gift and it has provided baby with an endless supply of enchanting entertainment. Books definitely make great gifts for baby this Christmas – what are some of your favourites?

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What’s under Baby’s Christmas tree?

Posted by Diana on Thursday Dec 16, 2010 Under Baby Clothes, Baby Toys

With Christmas a week away, it’s time to fill those Christmas stockings with gifts our babies will enjoy.

Here are some ideas:

Babysuits are great for babies of all ages. With warm Christmas weather, sleeveless suits are good. Here is a quick guide to baby sizes:
00000 is for a really small newborn baby
0000 is for a newborn and may only last up to 4 weeks
000 is for a 1-3 month old baby
00 is for a 3-6 month old baby
0 is for a 6-12 month old baby
1 is for a 12 month old baby

Novelty Items
Reindeer Antlers and Santa Hats are too cute on babies at Christmas.

Babies love toys with contrasting patterns and colours, like hypnotising black and white stripes. Toys with mirrors, teething rings, that make crunchy noises or play tunes are also a hit!

My baby adores a pink elephant that plays a tune when she pulls on the teething ring made by Bright Stars. Another of her favourite toys are her range of books by Lamaze. Her soccer ball by Playgro is also a favourite.

What’s under your baby’s tree this Christmas?

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