Hi-Diner Booster Seat – Sturdy, Durable and Timeless

Posted by Diana on Monday Apr 29, 2013 Under Feeding Baby

InfaSecure Hi-Diner BoosterMy little girl had outgrown her highchair at mealtime and yet she was too little to reach the table when seated in our dining chairs. After weeks of awkward eating I discovered the InfaSecure Hi-Diner Booster Seat and mealtimes have been so much easier ever since.

I liked the ‘retro’ design of the ‘Hi-Diner’ booster and thought I’d give it a try. So far it’s been great for dining at home or out in restaurants. In fact, my husband remembers sitting in similar boosters, in diners throughout the US, when he was growing up. Put simply the InfaSecure Hi-Diner Booster is sturdy, durable and timeless.

The Hi-Diner Booster is child’s play to assemble. Simply place the adjustable seat harness strap inbetween the two bases and secure with the screws included with the booster. It took me less than 10 minutes to put together.

One base has a greater depth to accommodate large children, while the other base accommodates smaller children. I just selected the base suitable for my child and secured the booster to my dining chair with the seat harness.

The InfaSecure Booster is available in three different colours, I chose the neutral coloured booster to suit my decor.

Not only does the InfaSecure Booster provide a safer seat for my child during mealtimes, she can now see her food properly, use her cutlery better and seems to enjoy mealtimes more. She likes her new booster so much that she affectionately refers to it as ‘rooster’ – too cute.

To find out more about the Hi-Diner Booster and the full range of InfaSecure products visit the InfaSecure website.


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