Natures Sway Hammocks

Posted by Diana on Monday May 20, 2013 Under Newborn

Natures_Sway_1I first encountered Natures Sway hammocks during a yoga class at Yoga Baby. Mums would lay their bubs to rest at intervals during the class in the hammocks and miraculously the babies would sleep.

Having never tried a hammock before, I wondered whether my babe would fall asleep as quickly as the others. As you can see from the pictures, she fell fast asleep in the comfort of the Natures Sway Hammock.

Hammocks are a wonderful alternative to western style cribs and are used allover the world to provide a perfect sleeping environment for baby. The Natures Sway hammocks are designed in New Zealand and are made from double-boiled cotton calico or organic hemp / cotton blend fabric held in place by a hard wood beam to ensure the fabric keeps apart. At the top of the hammock is a spring which allows the hammock to be bounced gently lulling baby to sleep. The hammock has been designed to support weight up to 15kgs.

Once baby is trying to roll over, sit up or wriggle around, the hammock is no longer suitable. However, in the early months, it is such a restful chilled place for baby to sleep.

The Natures Sway baby hammocks come with a natural New Zealand wool mattress. The woolen mattress provides beautiful warmth for winter babies and coolness during the summer months too. To find out more about the Natures Sway Hammocks and the full range of accessories visit the Natures Sway website.


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Yoga Baby

Posted by Diana on Saturday Feb 19, 2011 Under Baby Activities

I was 39 weeks pregnant when I first contacted yogababy to attend an Active Birth Practical Session. My email read as follows…”Hello there, I am interested in attending your Active Birth Practical Session with my husband this Saturday. I have read Janet Blaskas book and I am hoping to use Active Birthing Techniques in the Birth of our child. This Saturday I will be 39 weeks. Is this too late to attend the class? Bye Diana”.

The response was a very relaxed, “It will be fine for you to attend the class this Saturday” with the details of the when and where the class will be held. I imagined a well grounded and calm sender typing the response on her keyboard.

It was evident that I was the student “most advanced” in her pregnancy, when my husband and I arrived at the class. We were greeted with a warm welcome and started the class. The class was a balanced mixture of information and practical active birthing postures – my attempts at some of the postures must have looked humorous!

Our instructor and director of yogababy, Suzanne Swan, was just as I had imagined, understanding and calm while providing clear guidance on the best postures to remain active during labour. The workshop was beneficial for both of (or should I say all three of us). We had a very positive birth experience and drew upon the helpful advice and information given during the workshop.

It seemed only fitting that when Baby was old enough at 12 weeks that we should enrol in the “Mummy and Me” yoga classes together. As the name suggests, the class includes some yoga practice for Baby and some for Mummy. The first half of the class involves sequences of movements for Baby. I’ve found Baby is usually very tired afterwards and usually has a rest in one of the many hummocks hanging up in the room, which leaves me to concentrate on my yoga practice for the second half of the class. The yoga for Mummy is designed to regain strength and tone in those postnatal months. I find it a great way to unwind, stretch the body and focus the mind. I love that it is an activity I share with my baby and a connection we have together.

I think it is no coincidence that my baby is very active, already crawling and attempting to stand very early on. Upon observing my baby’s physical prowess and flexibility at a Mothers Group, one mother remarked to me, “It’s like your baby does yoga”. I had to admit that in fact she does – Yoga Baby!

Yoga Baby is directed by Suzanne Swan, certified Active Birth Yoga teacher, experienced childbirth educator, mother of two and birth attendant. Courses offered include: fertility yoga, yoga for pregnancy, active birth yoga, couples birth education as well as Mummy and Me yoga.

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