Safe-n-Sound Hi-Liner SG

Posted by Diana on Tuesday Dec 8, 2015 Under Baby Travel

A trip to the North Coast provided the perfect opportunity to ‘road test’ the new Britax Safe-n-Sound Hi-Liner SG.

What I found fantastic about the Hi-Liner SG is the adjustable headrest, which allows easy height adjustment for this Booster Seat as our daughter grows (and she seems to be growing taller everyday!) So in a way, the booster can grow taller – as our daughter grows taller too.

I asked our pre-schooler to sit in the booster seat at home before fitting the seat in our car. I put the headrest in the lowest position and found her shoulders were only slightly higher than the lower height marker when she sat straight in the seat. This is a great starting point and I can easily adjust the headrest up with one hand as she grows.

I found Safe-n-Sound Hi-Liner SG, easy to fit in our vehicle for our road trip. I secured the booster tether strap to the car’s anchor point for stability. I found the Slideguard Clip was great to guide and safely position her lap-belt in place. Our pre-schooler remarked how comfortable her new seat was to sit in and how she liked the arm rests. It was time to start our road trip.

Other features of the Hi-Liner SG I must mention are the deep side wings, these are EPS foam lined, providing additional protection. The Hi-Liner SG is compatible with the Britax Safe-n-Sound Protecta Plus harness to enhance the safety features of the car seat with additional upper torso support and safety. Both the Hi-Liner SG and Protecta Plus harness have innovative designs.

The selection of colours are cool too – with colours like: Ink Blue, Red, Pink, Grey and (our favourite) Purple Haze. The booster seat cover is removable and Machine Washable.

The dimensions of the Hi-Liner SG Booster are: 455mm (width), 370mm (depth), 695mm (minimum height) and 840mm (maximum height). The adjustable nature of this booster means we will no doubt use this booster with our daughter until she is 8 years old. It has performed well on its first journey and I’m confident it will go the distance on our future journeys. To find out more on the Hi-Liner SG Booster and the full range of Britax car seats visit the Britax website.

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Safe-n-Sound Tourer Booster

Posted by Diana on Monday Sep 22, 2014 Under Baby Travel

Safe-n-Sound TourerOutside the Pre-School gates, there is a general feeling of excitement amongst parents, with the arrival of the Safe-n-Sound Tourer Booster seat. The Tourer is feature-packed, claiming the title of the ‘tallest untethered booster in Australia’ – making it ideal for my friends driving 4WDs and their fast growing 4 year old off-spring.

The Tourer age range is from 4 years old to approx 6-8 years old (depending on your child’s height). The growth height markers on the seat provide a clear indication on whether your child is in the correct height range for using the Safe-n-Sound Tourer Booster.

The real point of difference for me is the lightweight of the Tourer, weighing less than 2kg. Making it easy to remove from the car when not in use and simple to install in another vehicle when needed. With the complex nature of Pre-School drop offs and pickups, it means it is ideal for use by Parents, Grandparents and Carers.

The Safe-n-Sound Tourer Booster is made and designed in Australia with many safety features. The seat base is designed to be impact absorbing and the Slideguard Clip is designed to prevent the lap sash seat belt from rising up in everyday use and to reduce the risk of abdominal injury in the event of a crash. The back of the seat has rear impact bars designed for added structural support and protection to the neck. The contoured seat has a deep headrest for added safety and comfort.

The Tourer is suitable for use in cars with forward facing seats with a lap-sash seatbelt, or with a seatbelt and child harness. I found the switchable built-in sash guide easy to use and correctly positioned the seat belt across my child’s chest and shoulders. It’s good to know the Tourer is compatible with the Safe-n-Sound Protecta Plus Harness and the Babylove EzyGo Harness too.

The dimensions of the Tourer Booster are Height 750mm, Depth 330mm and Width 455mm, making it space efficient. The Safe-n-Sound Tourer is available in two colours – Purple Haze and Buff Black. My Pre-Schooler adores travelling in her Purple Haze Tourer Booster, so in addition to it’s safety features, it’s fashionable and comfortable too. To find out more about the Tourer Booster and the full range of Safe-n-Sound car seats visit the Britax website.

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