Newborn Mum: A High Chair that Tops the Lot

Posted by Lyndal on Friday Nov 4, 2011 Under Feeding Baby

When I asked my Mum what I should look for in a high chair, she said I should get something that was low on fuss and easy to hose down.

I thought she was joking…until Baby started eating solids. I just can’t believe that someone so small can get so much food in so many different places.

So we started using the BabyBjorn  high chair. I just love this thing so much I can barely articulate it.

It took me about six minutes to assemble. Easy peasy. And it is so easy to get Baby in and out of, which – when they’re hungry and wriggly and out of sorts is really important. It also mattered that this was a simple process because grandparents play a big part in our Baby’s life, and there were concerns over the level of difficulty in assembling and placing our little one in her high chair.

The high chair also packs away so neatly so it doesn’t take up loads of space…and we’re a little short on space at the moment. We can also pack it into the car and travel with it.

Now that Baby is getting stronger, she really is thrusting herself forward so safety is a big deal, and this chair has an easy-to-activate safety lock. It doesn’t have a harness, but you really don’t need one. Also the height of the table and it’s design with the chair means that Baby doesn’t slide under and out. A big plus.

The tray is detachable and can be cleaned in the dishwasher, which is just fantastic. The body of the chair is so easy to wipe down because there’s no cushion or creases for pear puree to hide in, and the clean white colour highlights any spillage.

And then there are just the little things that matter to us. It sits neatly at the table so that Baby really does feel like she’s eating with us. It’s white and sleek and lovely, and the legs don’t protrude so there’s less of a trip hazard.

I can’t really think of anything to top what this high chair offers. It’s great. We think so, and our gorgeous baby girl thinks so as well.

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All Smocked Up

Posted by Diana on Friday May 20, 2011 Under Baby Activities, Baby Clothes, Feeding Baby

Baby has found her artistic side and is becoming quite the painter! Since Baby started painting at 10 months, she has honed her finger painting and hand printing skills to create contemporary masterpieces for her parents and grandparents.

To protect Baby’s clothes during her artistic experimentation, I have been using the BabyBjorn Eat & Play Smock. It is a central piece of equipment for her painting and she squeals with excitement when she sees me unfolding the smock ready for her to put on.

The BabyBjorn Eat & Play Smock is designed for children from 8 months to 3 years old. I simply slide her arms through the sleeves and the firm, soft elastic cuffs ensure the smock stays put. I secure the smock with two sets of fasteners at the back – one behind her neck and one lower down. The set of fasteners around the neck of the smock accommodates two sizes: babies with small necks and toddlers with large necks. The design of the Eat & Play Smock is simple and roomy – it splays outwards and allows freedom to move.

Baby is visibly excited once wearing her smock, as she is aware she is about to begin painting. So I sit her in her highchair, put a piece of paper and a palette of red, blue and yellow paint, on her highchair tray in front of her. I can’t resist putting a little hat on my punky baby to keep the hair off her face (and complete the artistic look)!

Baby looks at the palette with focussed concentration, dabs her finger in the blue paint and then smears her finger across the page. She then mixes the colours together and adds fingerprints all over the page in different colours. Finally, she presses her right hand in the mixed paint and puts a hand print in the bottom right hand corner of the page – as if to sign her artwork. Then with her painted right hand, Baby gestures to me that she is finished and I proceed to wipe her hands and smock.

The BabyBjorn Eat & Play Smock has faired well, showing durability during this road test and has succeeded in protecting Baby’s clothing too! The smock is easy to wipe clean and although it doesn’t need it this time, I’m pleased the smock is machine washable. The material of the smock is not only waterproof but lightweight and breathable.

While I mostly use the BabyBjorn Soft Bib for mealtimes, it’s great to know I have the BabyBjorn Eat & Play Smock for those messier meals. Since Baby has such a positive association playing in the smock she doesn’t hesitate to put it on for mealtimes too. I have the BabyBjorn Smock in Bright Red featuring the cute teddy bear motif which co-ordinates wonderfully with the BabyBjorn Cup and other items in the BabyBjorn Kitchen range. To find out more about the BabyBjorn Smock and the full BabyBjorn Kitchen range visit the BabyBjorn website.

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