‘Injeanius’ Maclaren Quest Special

Posted by Diana on Friday Nov 11, 2011 Under Baby Travel

What better place to road test the Maclaren Quest buggy than on holiday at Bondi Beach. With it’s light weight sporty aluminium frame and fashionable dark denim seat with reflective accents, this British superstar, looked right at home amongst the tanned trim terrific Australians and British Jet Set strolling along the promenade at Bondi Beach.

At only 5.5kg with a compact umbrella fold, the Maclaren Quest is a dream to travel with. To fold out, simply release the storage clip and open out. Using your foot, push the footplate down to fully engage the primary locks. The large water resistant hood protects Baby from wind, rain and in our case – sun.

The Maclaren Quest is appropriate for young babies to older toddlers. Designed by aircraft engineers to be the safest, most stylish and durable in it’s class, this stroller is designed to carry up to 20kg in weight.

I place Baby in her swish new buggy and she looks suitably impressed. I secure her in the five point harness, from which my baby houdini can not even escape. To undo the harness you need to press the front and back button at the same time. While it’s easy for an adult, it’s too tricky for Baby to undo herself. I adjust the leg rest for Baby and let Baby choose from one of the four reclinable positions available in the stroller. For strolling on the promenade and “people watching” – a more upright position is in order. It’s great to know that if she dozes off into slumber, I can recline the seat back for a longer sleep. The easy operation of the recliner is one of my favourite features of this stroller. To recline you simply lift both hand grips at the rear of the pram to release the seat locks and slide the seat back. To raise the seat, you only need to push the back of the seat to an upright position.

My other favourite feature is the large shopping basket at the bottom of the pram which is easily accessible. The basket easily fits the Maclaren Raincover and is conveniently sized to fit other shopping. The raincover is complimentary with Maclaren Quest Special. It did rain suddenly while we were out and the raincover came in handy. It was quick to put on and the transparent material allowed Baby to feel like she was still part of the action while protected from the elements.

To escape the rain we decided to indulge in some retail therapy in the afternoon. The buggy performed as well in boutiques as it had on the beach. The slim line and front swivel rear fixed wheels, made the buggy easy to manoeuvre and dart about. We were given numerous compliments, while out shopping, on the trendy dark denim seat, which I might add is removable and washable. I must say the stroller was ideal for holding the light weight carriers filled with our new purchases too!

When it was time to leave the shops, I folded the buggy one handed to a compact umbrella fold and there was enough room for the stroller and our new purchases in our rental car boot. The luggage tag on the Maclaren Quest Special says “Happy Travels” and this really summed up our trip!

To find out more on the Maclaren Quest Special and other strollers in the Maclaren range, visit the CNP website.

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Maclaren Accessories: Enjoy Organised Outings

Posted by Daisy on Thursday Sep 29, 2011 Under Baby Activities, Baby Travel

Two of my favorite things are: 1) accessories and 2) being organised. So you can imagine how I felt with the arrival of my new Maclaren accessories that promised to make my life easier and more organised! I think many of the Maclaren accessories look useful, but for now we chose the Travel Bag, Universal Organiser, Reversible Seat Liner and Field Bag.

Travel Bag (Single)

With our family spread across Europe, Canada and all parts of Australia, we have become quite the practiced and proficient travellers. However saying this, I still dread maneuvering the towering mountain of luggage required when travelling with Toddler. So I welcome the Maclaren Carry Bag which is great to help keep our pusher protected and our luggage neat and organised whilst in transit, which means we have had good luck with everything turning up on luggage carousels in perfect condition.

We find both our Maclaren Volo and Maclaren Techno XT ideal for travel and whichever we take, we find the Maclaren Travel Bag helps to ensure the pusher is protected whilst in transit. It is made from heavy-duty black nylon fabric and reinforcing strapping and has a single long grey zip making it is easy to get the pusher in and out.  It has sturdy little wheels to enable the carry bag to be wheeled as well as carried and a Velcro strap to hold the handles together. It is a classic and neat design, coming in black fabric printed with the Maclaren logo and comes with a customised red Maclaren luggage tag.

On our last trip from Brisbane to Melbourne, after a bumpy ride the carry bag arrived with some general wear and tear and the pusher inside was protected – the carry bag had done its job, and Baby was wheeled out of arrivals with mummy very happy and relaxed!

Universal Organiser

The Universal Organiser has proved to be a little gem. I find it enables me to keep all our essentials easily accessible and close at hand so we can have a much more relaxed time when out and about. The Universal Organiser attaches to the pusher’s handles with Velcro straps and hangs behind the seat back. It has a large central pocket with a mesh front, two insulated cup holders and a little pocket in between with a Velcro closed top.

The generous central pocket has the capacity to hold quite a lot, such as a couple of small toys, books and snacks and even a small nappy pack. The mesh front makes it easy to see where everything is, so you can easily find what you are looking for, preventing those frustrating moments of fumbling around in the dark!

Initially I found the two insulated cup holders to be little tight, but they have proved to actually work well holding cups/drink bottles firmly. I use the small pocket in between the cup holders to hold my phone and keys and feel comfortable knowing that they are safely enclosed but also easily accessible. This is particularly good if Baby is asleep and my phone is on silent and I can hear it vibrate, or if I am having one of those days and am in a rush to get a tired grumpy Toddler in the car and need the keys!

Reversible Seat Liner

The Reversible Seat Liner is a practical accessory that protects your pusher and helps to keep things neat and organised.  It comes in a great range of two-sided colours and patterns, is soft and comfortable for Baby, durable and best of all is machine washable.

We chose the sunny yellow striped/black Reversible Seat Liner and use it in the pram permanently. I love the splash of colour and find it very practical to catch any bits and pieces that Baby will inevitably drop in the course of a day. Of course if there is a major spill whilst out and about one can just flip it over and deal with it later! Even though the pusher seat is washable I do find it easier to just wash the liner instead of having to wash the whole seat.

We only have one Reversible Seat Liner at the moment, but I can imagine that having a couple of them would be a great idea so you have one to use whilst you are washing the other.

Field Bag

The Field Bag is a great looking and practical bag, which can be used as one’s primary nappy/child’s bag.  We chose the Scarlet colour, which has great red, grey, white and black striped lining. I think it looks great by itself or with either our neutral toned Maclaren Volo pusher or Crown/Blue Maclaren Techno XT.

It has a large central pocket, which can fit everything required for a trip to the pool or playgroup and it is magnetically secured for quick and easy access to avoid those tricky moments when you feel like you could do with a third hand. It has an exterior front pocket and two exterior side pockets and lots of zipped and non-zipped interior pockets in which to store various small items, such as bottles, creams, snacks, sunscreen etc. I usually carry our Field Bag in the pusher’s basket, however it has an adjustable shoulder strap and can be carried across your back/chest or over one shoulder – however you feel most comfortable.

For me, one of the winning features is the change mat. It is neatly zipped to the back of the bag and unzips to provide a generous (detachable and machine washable) change mat. This provides a safe and comfortable surface on which to change Baby no matter where you are, which means no more worry about those questionably clean public washrooms!

From my experience, my Maclaren accessories really help in keeping things neat and organised. I think the Travel Bag is a fantastic help when you need to protect your Maclaren pusher whilst in transit or storage, the Universal Organiser for me is now an everyday essential, the Reversible Seat Liner continually keeps things clean and the Field Bag is a practical all-in-one nappy bag. Now that I use them, I can’t go back!

For more information on any of the above reviewed products as well as the full range of Maclaren accessories, please visit CNP Brands.


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Beauty, Brains and Buff: The Maclaren Techno XT

Posted by Daisy on Thursday Jul 14, 2011 Under Baby Activities, Baby Travel, Newborn


Why is there something about the Maclaren Techno XT that reminds me of James Bond? After some thought I decided that no, I am not just being over dramatic, but yes indeed, there are quite a few points which form this association. Firstly, the Maclaren Techno XT is high-tech, good looking, packed with innovative features, sporty and adventurous but also sophisticated and elegant and, oh yes… British…

The truly winning point for me is that the Maclaren Techno XT is that oh so rare, versatile all-in-one package. It is safe and comfortable for baby and can take us from sporty outdoors adventures to elegant exhibition openings where everyone is sipping cocktails and dressed in black.

On our most recent trip to visit baby’s grandparents in Melbourne, we used the Maclaren Techno XT as our all-in-one pusher. We used it for varied activities including jogs on unsealed terrain, strolls on grass and sand, lots of pavement walking, shopping and gallery perusing.

We are extremely impressed with the Maclaren Techno XT, in terms of appearance and performance. It comes in a variety of great colours and we just love the Crown/Blue, which has charcoal and silver coloured detailing. It has a 5-point harness system and the seat is well padded for baby’s safety and comfort. It performs very well in all regards, is easy to maneuver and fold (only needs one hand!) and makes a comfortable and secure sleeping pad for baby whilst out and about (baby has never slept as well in any other pusher!).

Like the super lightweight Maclaren Volo, the Maclaren Techno XT is a compact umbrella pusher. At the other end of the Maclaren range, the Techno XT is a little heavier than the Volo, however with this little extra weight comes a whole host of features, the Techno XT revealing itself as a high-tech, highly detailed, super comfortable, rather sporty little number!


The Maclaren Techno XT features:

  • Basic Weight 7.9kgs: The Techno XT is a great balance between being lightweight and having all the features that enable it to be a high-tech all-in-one pusher.
  • Carrying Capacity up to 20kg: This weight capacity allows for the Maclaren Techno XT to be used well into early toddlerhood.
  • Appropriate From Birth: The Techno XT is suitable to use from birth and comes with extra support pads to ensure newborn baby is supported and comfortable.
  • Recline Four positions: The four recline positions are amazing! From sitting in a fully upright position, to relaxed reclining, to horizontal for maximum sleeping comfort. You can raise the seat incline with one hand from behind, but do need two hands to lower the seat, which is easily done by lifting two small levers. Also, when the seat is fully reclined, the rear cover fits snugly around the head and the hood can unfold right forward over the seat, which creates an enclosed little bed.
  • Wheel Size 16.5cm/ 6.5in: The large wheel size is ample for not only urban areas but also strolling and even jogging on graded unsealed terrain, such as grass or gravel. Also, the pusher’s maneuverability can be enhanced with the built-in front wheel swivel function.
  • Hood design: The hood design is a great feature. It is extendable with a neatly zipped section that can fold forward to protect baby from weather and creates a protected little bed when the seat is reclined.  There is also an in-build clear visor folded neatly under the hood that is easily flipped out to provide extra protection from the weather.  The pusher also has a large reflective stripe on the hood, which is a great visual feature and also acts as an important safety feature.
  • Hood air vents and large viewing widow: The air vents enable good air circulation and the large viewing window?enables a clear view to baby.
  • Elasticized pockets: There are two generous elasticized pockets, which can carry the rain cover and mosquito net. I also find them useful for carrying things like my phone and keys that I like to have easily accessible.
  • Satin finish handles: The satin finish handles not only look great, but are comfortable and easy to keep clean. The handles are also extendable which allows adjustment for all users.
  • Reflective hubcap design: I think these are a good safely feature, particularly if you ever use your pusher in situations of low visibility.
  • Foot-operated linked parking brakes: The red brakes are linked to the park brakes and can be easily activated with either foot from behind either rear wheel.
  • Front and rear suspension: I think bub would like to thank Maclaren for the four-wheel suspension! It certainly does seem to add to the comfort of baby’s ride and allows for use on varied terrain.
  • Extendable leg rest: I have found this to be a great feature to complete horizontal comfort when baby is reclined and sleeping.
  • Flexible footrest: This is great when pusher is in use and when pusher is folded.
  • Height adjustable shoulder harness: This is yet another fantastic Maclaren detail that ensures maximum safely and comfort for your child.
  • Includes headhugger and shoulder pads: These ensure that when the Maclaren Techno XT is used from birth, your newborn baby is safe and comfortable.
  • Carry Handle: This is a very handy feature when carrying the pusher folded.
  • Rain cover (included): The rain cover is quick and easy to attach with built-in clips and provides great protection. It also comes with the pusher!
  • Footmuff (included): Particularly in cooler climates this is a great feature to keep baby snugly warm, enabling you to continue getting out and about as the cold sets in. It also has a large reflective stripe on the front, which is a great visual feature, but also acts as an important safety feature at times of low visibility.


The Maclaren Techno XT boasts all the usual Maclaren features:

  • 5-point harness system: This feature is well balanced and secure, with the clasp requiring quite some finger strength ensuring it to be child safe. Strap lengths at all points are easily adjustable.
  • Washable seat: This is a very practical feature for those dirty parts that are just a bit much for baby wipes to tackle.
  • Compact Umbrella Fold: This is a truly winning feature in my opinion. The pusher folds up very easily into a compact package, making it so easy to carry and stow.
  • Foot operated brakes: The red foot operated breaks are linked to park brakes, which can be activated with either foot with levers situated behind both back wheels.
  • Shopping basket: The Techno XT shopping basket has a 3kg weight capacity and reaches all the way under the seat.  It is large enough for storing all the things we need for a day’s outing or even an impromptu grocery shop!
  • High performance aluminium: It is Maclaren’s use of the strong aluminium frame, which enables the Techno XT pusher to be so lightweight.
  • Rain cover (included): The Techno XT’s rain cover works very well, is easy to use and folds into a tiny bundle to be carried in a pocket at the back of the seat.
  • Water resistant hood: The hood design of Techno XT is a real success. The neatly zipped section enables the hood to extend forward over baby for increased protection and also provides good coverage when baby is reclined or sleeping. Neatly folded under the hood, there is a clear waterproof visor that can flip out to provide extra protection when needed.


The Maclaren XT suggested accessories include:

  • Light Packaway Footmuff
  • Parasol
  • Carry Bag
  • Buggy Blankets
  • Liners
  • Universal Organiser
  • Field Bag
  • Park Bag
  • Mini utility tote

If you are after a safe, durable, high-tech and stylish all-in-one pusher, my husband and I (and baby I’m sure!) highly recommend the Maclaren Techno XT. We find it to be very well designed and thoroughly detailed, attractive and appropriate for varied use in urban and graded terrain conditions. Being lightweight and compact also means it is ideal for travel.

For further details on this product and the full Maclaren range please visit CNP Brands http://www.childcareproducts.com.au/


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Urban Wheels: The Maclaren Volo

Posted by Daisy on Thursday Jun 9, 2011 Under Baby Travel

I remember baby’s first visit to the gallery with some dismay. We were on our way with our fantastic and much loved (but also rather enormous) off-road pram and all the accouterments, and even though fully supportive, I could tell my mother was a little self-conscious of this troop next to her, more suited to jogging along a mountain path. Not only did I spend my time worrying about not intruding on other people’s personal space or running over any toes, but I also felt unsuited to this environment and rather unglamorous.

We bought our Maclaren Volo umbrella pusher to use around town and whilst travelling, however I find we use it often, just not out jogging or on rough terrain. The Maclaren Volo’s main selling points for me are that it is so lightweight, compact, all-round easy to use, comfortable and safe for baby and looks really good with any outfit in any setting!

It is easy to push and has very comfortable handgrips with a wrist safety strap. The pusher’s compact size makes it easy to maneuver through small spaces, easy to fold and carry (with a shoulder strap built-in), and its fold-up size makes it easy to stow just about anywhere. It also boasts a large carry basket under the seat, which is great for those impromptus larger than expected shops at the grocery store!


Maclaren Volo features:

  • Lightweight, weighing in at a mere 4.0kg/ 8.8lb (without hood or rain cover): The Volo is the lightest and simplest of the Maclaren pusher range, perfect for taking baby out and about in urban areas and for travelling.
  • It has a Carrying Capacity of up to 15kg/ 55lb.: This weight limit allows for the Volo to be used well into Toddlerhood.
  • Appropriate from six months of age: The Volo is not suitable until the child is 6 months of age.
  • Recline: One position: This feature is in keeping with the Volo being light and simple.
  • Wheel Size 11.4cm/ 4.5in: The small wheel size is ample for urban areas. I have found that it is not the smoothest ride on rugged terrain, but then again, who takes a Mini Minor four-wheel-driving!
  • Water resistant Hood, which is extra large for maximum coverage: The hood is a good size and a great feature to catch light spray. Used in conjunction with the rain cover it offers good protection.


The Maclaren Volo boasts all the usual Maclaren features:

  • 5-point harness system: I find the harness system on the Volo well balanced and secure, with the clasp requiring quite some finger strength, which I think is great, ensuring it to be child safe. Strap lengths at all harness points are easily adjustable as well as the height of the shoulder straps on the seat.
  • Washable seat: This has proved to be a very handy feature for those dirty parts that are just a bit much for baby wipes to tackle. I have been known to hose my Volo’s seat down in the garden – and yes, it did clean off perfectly and looks as good as new.
  • Compact Umbrella Fold: This is the truly winning feature of the Volo in my opinion. It folds up into an unbelievably small package, which makes it so easy to stow away. It is also really easy to carry when necessary and has a comfortable shoulder strap built into the design.
  • Foot operated brakes: The red brakes on the Volo are in the center and easy to use with either foot.
  • Shopping basket: The shopping basket is really large for the size of the Volo pusher, reaching from the back all the way under the seat. Every time baby and I pop down to the grocery store I fall in love with the shopping basket all over again.
  • High performance aluminium: It is the use of aluminium which enables the Volo pusher to be so lightweight, which is what is it all about.
  • Rain cover included: The Volo’s rain cover is easy to use and folds into a tiny bundle to be carried in the shopping basket under the seat.
  • Water resistant hood: The water resistant hood is a great feature to catch light spray, however I recommend using the rain cover for anything more than spray. The hood is designed to fold back, which makes it easier to see what baby is up to, and it is also easily removable for outings when it is not desired.


We are very happy with our Maclaren Volo umbrella pram. I find it practical, attractive and appropriate for urban settings in appearance and size and it is absolutely ideal for travel. In conjunction with our off-road/jogger pram it suits us perfectly.


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