Luxi Crown – Innovative, Safe and Versatile

Posted by Diana on Wednesday Jun 26, 2013 Under Baby Travel

InfaSecure_LuxiCrownAfter I park the car, I peer over my shoulder and see my baby fast asleep in her InfaSecure Luxi Crown (Series 2) car seat. My baby is 10 months old, facing rearward and is in a lap of luxury in her Luxi Crown car seat.

The InfaSecure Luxi Crown is truly innovative – one of the first car seats for use from Newborn to 8 years old. I’m so pleased my baby is so comfortable, as she will be using the same car seat, when travelling through her newborn, toddler, pre-school & school days!

The Luxi Crown shines with versatility, allowing three configurations – rearward facing for infants, forward facing with harness for younger children and booster seat mode for older children. The Luxi Crown (Series 2) features a single belt path for all three modes, allowing easy installation.

A car seat such as the Luxi Crown, which has the capability of all three configurations, allows great longevity and presents real value for money. Safety features of the Luxi Crown (Series 2) include; a blow moulded air-filled adjustable headrest, five shoulder slot heights and nine recline positions.

The car seat includes a lumbar support insert which is ergonomically designed and an infant insert for smaller babies for additional comfort. Shoulder and crotch buckle pads, a large sunhood and a seat protector are included with the car seat.

The velour fabric covering the car seat is beautifully soft. The cover is attached to the shell with press studs, making the car seat cover easy to remove and clean. The Luxi Crown (Series 2) comes in three colours; Red, Taupe and Black.

To find out more information on the InfaSecure Luxi Crown (Series 2) and the full range of InfaSecure products visit their website. Keep up with the latest news on the InfaSecure facebook page.

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Maxi-Cosi Goliath

Posted by Diana on Friday Feb 1, 2013 Under Baby Travel

I’ve just had my second baby and already the back seat of my car is filled with car seats. When it came time to upgrade my toddler’s car seat – safety, functionality and longevity were at the forefront of my mind. The Maxi-Cosi Goliath Convertible Booster Seat satisfied all my criteria.

The Goliath is a giant when it comes to safety and utilises Air Protect technology. Developed in the US, Air Protect has been designed to protect your child from side impact collision and immediately reduces crash forces at the most critical spot: around a child’s head. In essence, Air Protect shields a child’s head from impact and immediately reduces forces through the precise release of air.

In addition to the safety features of the Maxi-Cosi Goliath, the narrower seat design makes it easy to have up to three car seats in the backseat of my car. Making this seat a real winner amongst families with three children or those planning for more children. The functionality of the Goliath doesn’t end there, it has an adjustable safety harness, independent latching buckle, locking headrest and a reclining backrest.

The Maxi-Cosi Goliath can be used in “Toddler Mode” which is a forward facing position, up to approx 4 years old or until a child’s shoulders reach the middle shoulder height marker. The car seat then converts to “Booster Mode” with a lap sash seatbelt, from approx 4 years to approx 6 to 8 years old when a child’s shoulders reach the upper shoulder height marker. Both these modes give this car seat fantastic longevity.

The styling of the car seat is quite swish, with padded belt mates and armrests, drink side pockets and a high back car protector mat. The car seat fabric is so soft and smooth against my little girl’s precious skin. The covers are easy to remove and are machine washable. The Maxi-Cosi Goliath seat is available in three different colours: Stone / Black, Ash / Black and Olive/Black. I have the Ash / Black combination and my little one seems very happy with her new car seat.

The Maxi-Cosi Goliath is ideal for growing families looking for a safe, functional car seat with outstanding longevity. To find out more about the Maxi-Cosi Goliath and other great products visit the IGC Dorel.

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Lord Howe Island

Posted by Diana on Tuesday Jan 1, 2013 Under Baby Travel

Happy New Year Everyone! We’ve just arrived back from Lord Howe Island. The island is a World Heritage Area, so the diversity of fauna and flora against the magnificent scenery makes the island spectacular.

Travelling with my three month old, two and a half year old, husband and his family – I hadn’t done much research and wasn’t sure what to expect. It turns out Lord Howe Island is a really easy and fantastic destination when travelling with babies and young children

There are direct QantasLink flights from Sydney, Brisbane and Port Macquarie. Upon our arrival,we were greeted by the sweet sound of birds tweeting, salty smell of sea air and the lush appearance of both palm and pine trees.

Our accommodation was at Pinetrees lodge. With all meals included, it meant everyone could have a really restful (and delicious) holiday. The meals were scrumptious and the children ate well from breakfast until dinner.

Every evening our family watched the sunset from the Boatshed at Pinetrees. There is nothing more beautiful, than watching the sunset over the ocean, while your daughter climbs trees with local children. We were even invited to the local Playgroup, who were celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Playgroup NSW.

Interestingly, the island feels very connected with mainland even though there is no mobile phone service.

It was a refreshing break from the Internet, mobiles and emails. So instead we focused our energy on nature, swimming with 3 adult turtles and 1 baby turtle at Old Settlement Beach. We hand fed fish swimming in the ocean on Ned’s Beach which was truly exciting for my two and a half year old. We took a glass bottom boat tour to North Bay with Turtle Tours and learnt even more about these graceful creatures.

While we were there for the week, we explored the whole island which has sealed paths and a canopy of trees – making it a wonderfully stroller friendly location. My husband hired a bike and trailer exploring all extents of the island with our toddler. It really was a wonderful holiday enjoyed by the whole family and a fantastic finale to 2012.

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Bugaboo Donkey: Believe the hype?

Posted by Daisy on Saturday Dec 8, 2012 Under Baby Activities, Baby Travel, Newborn

It’s fair to say that here at we like a good pram. So, as you can imagine, we have been looking forward to test-driving the Bugaboo Donkey. So the all-important question…  does it live up to everyone’s high expectations?

Since receiving the gorgeous blue and black Bugaboo Donkey, it has tirelessly served us on all kinds of expeditions – all the while patiently carrying gaggles of kids, sleeping babies, piles of shopping, stacks of dry-cleaning and mounds of miscellaneous children’s things.

What is it?

The Bugaboo Donkey is a convertible/extendable single/double stroller. With three easy clicks, it goes from a single (The Mono which is 60cms wide, which is the same as the Bugaboo Cameleon) to a full-sized double (The Duo which is 74cms wide).

Both side-by-side seating positions have independently interchangeable bassinets and seats (making it suitable for twins and different aged children from birth to 17kgs) – both of which positions are reversible and reclinable. This makes it possible to put child/s in any desired position such as facing you, the world or each other.

Being a side-by-side seating setup, the Bugaboo Donkey caters for you being able to see both children face-to-face at once increasing socialisation between you and the children and between the children themselves.

The overall operational feel and movement of the Bugaboo Donkey is excellent. It does indeed have all the things you would expect from Dutch designed Bugaboo, such as refined design, top quality, easy to use, super versatile and comfortable as anything for your precious cargo.



How it works

As a picture says a thousand words, I certainly can’t compete with the great little Bugaboo clip that explains how it works. It is made in sections and covers the following sections – which I have also commented on:

  • Mono duo mono convertibility – very well designed to be easy to use and stress free. Remove seat, three clicks, add basket, done. Remove basket, three clicks, add seat done. Simple as pie.
  • Suitable from birth – bassinets  are soft, spacious, sturdy and secure. Very easy to remove whilst Baby continues to sleep soundly.
  • Reversible and reclinable seats – fantastic feature. Increased surveillance and socialisation, but also ability for child to look out and see the world. I find my toddler usually wants to look out (and chatters away to me), whilst I feel much more comfortable being able to see Baby (especially whilst they are sleeping). Also worth mentioning that the toddler seat is easy to climb in and out of. The harness system is the best I have used: It is adult friendly and child safe and easily adjustable.
  • Multi-terrain – It has been able to go wherever I have wanted to go so far, including several off-road conditions (even at a slow jog!).
  • Two-wheel position – This would be fabulous for the beach using the larger wheels only (see the cool clip).
  • One-piece fold and self-standing – Once you have the knack of the fold it is quick and easy. It seems to fold in on itself once and then again.
  • Compact fold – compact fold… well I suppose this is relevant right?! Obviously it is considerably larger than my Maclaren umbrella pusher, but then again that is comparing apples and oranges. It is a double stroller and folds very compactly for what it is. You can always change it into single before folding it, which makes it even more compact.
  • Car seat adaptability – this is a great feature for a newborn, so as to not wake them when transferring from the car.
  • Brake and height adjustable handle bar – No surprise that this is yet another perfectly designed feature. Easy, simple, practical and a must if you want comfort for both pushers of differing vertical needs. There is also a safety strap located in the centre of the handlebar which can reach to either hand position. The handle bar itself has a great hand feel and is super sturdy.

You can also explore all the chassis details (such as the swivel wheels, brake block, suspension etc.) at, which is a cool little interactive map showing how all the parts are work.

Statistics… and how they rated

  • Suitable from birth to 17 kg / 37.5 Lbs – As well as this suitability, it also can accommodate different ages at the same time and also grow as your family does. I think this is a key feature.  
  • Dimension one-piece fold into Duo: 52 x 74 x 93 cm / 20.5 X 29 x 36.6″ – As a Duo it does fit through most doorways and does fit on all paths that cater for wheelchair access. Just remember, it is a double pram so just use common sense.
  • Dimension compact fold: 91 x 60 x 40 / 34.3 X 23.6 X 15.7″ – As mentioned above this is really about the same as a full sized single.
  • Weight stroller with 2 seats: 15 kg / 33.4 Lbs – You can feel the difference between a single stroller and packed double stroller, but that is to be expected. Also, if you are carrying children of different weights side-by-side (e.g. newborn and toddler) you can feel that the pram requires a little extra effort on the heavier side. So, if you are worried about overdeveloping the muscles on one arm you can always change the bassinet and seat positions between outings 😉
  • Width in duo: 74 cm / 29″ (width in mono: 60 cm / 23,6″) – As above
  • Width with one car seat: 84 cm / 33.1″ –  This is a little wider that the full Duo width, so just watch those doorways.
  • Storage: under seat basket 28 lbs – So much storage you can easily do a decent shop at the grocery store whether you have one or two kids in tow.
  • 10″ Swivel wheels & 12″ rear wheels with air filled tyres – This larger wheel size means that the Bugaboo Donkey easily takes on the great outdoors and also enjoys a suburban jog. Remember to check the pressure in the tires to ensure maximum comfort for passengers. The swivel wheels also mean the pusher is very easy to direct, even with one hand in the centre of the handlebar.

After test-driving the Bugaboo Donkey it is evident that all the details have been thoughtfully engineered and well made. It is like a high precision piece of kit but also super easy to operate. Like they say the ‘vision comes from a distinct Dutch point of view that informs design at Bugaboo: reduce complexity to the essence to create harmonious form and function that endures.’

So, does it live up to our high expectations?

Well that would be an unequivocal yes. The Bugaboo Donkey promises to do a lot and it delivers on it all. Exceptionally well.

If you have two children of pram ages (i.e. twins or different ages) this pram offers an excellent transport solution. Here at we continue to be impressed with Bugaboo and are excited to see what they get up to next!

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Safe and Comfy Cruising with InfaSecure

Posted by Diana on Tuesday Nov 27, 2012 Under Baby presents, Baby Travel

Choosing the right child restraint for your child can be a really difficult decision with lots of considerations. Safety is always the top priority and comfort is an important consideration too.

I was looking for an independent source of information on buying child restraints when I found CREP (Child Restraint Evaluation Program). This organisation rates child restraints on crash protection and ease of use. In fact, the car seats rated, are tested in a crash lab with crash test dummies.

I was curious to see the CREP ratings for forward-facing restraints which could convert to a booster seat. I found the InfaSecure Comfi-Cruiser achieved a top rating for protection and ease of use, making it one of the safest car seats for children aged between 6 months and 4 years old.

The safety features of the InfaSecure Comfi-Cruiser include deep, energy absorbing side wings which offer protection for side impact. The tall backrest helps to protect the head and neck. While the multi-height harness is fitted with shoulder and pelvic padding for increased comfort and safety.

The belt path design is low, so when correctly positioned the lap belt is tight over my child’s pelvis. After some research, I found it’s important to keep the belt path low over my child’s pelvis, so the belt doesn’t ride up into the soft abdomen area, where internal injuries are possible. It was clear this car seat has been designed with safety as the top priority.

It was easy to fit my child in the InfaSecure Comfi-Cruiser in forward facing mode. The shoulder heights are clearly marked on the side wings. The harness system was easy to adjust and I was reassured by the 1 CLICK, 2 CLICK independent latching buckle. It’s great to know my child will be able to use the InfaSecure Comfi-Cruiser as a booster seat in the future too.

The full specifications for the Comfi-Cruiser and the instruction manual is available for download from the InfaSecure website. The dimensions of the Comfi-Cruiser are 500mm (width), 780mm (height) and 430mm (depth). The Comfi-Cruiser is available in the following colours: Black, Slate and Black with Pink Piping.

Visit the InfaSecure website for more information on the Comfi-Cruiser and full range of InfaSecure products.


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Baby Cool in the BabyBjorn Bouncer

Posted by Diana on Thursday Oct 25, 2012 Under Baby Travel

With summer around the corner, Baby will look and stay cool in her new BabyBjorn Babysitter Balance made with a soft and cool airy mesh fabric. The fabric specially developed for BabyBjorn is designed to draw heat and moisture away from Baby, so she remains cool in the warm summer months ahead.

The BabyBjorn Babysitter Balance responds to Baby’s movements to make it bounce. I’ve found the gentle rocking movement fun and relaxing for my 8 week old, who enjoys observing her big sister race around from the comfort of her bouncer, smiling and bouncing as if to join in.

The Babysitter Balance is proving wonderful for Baby to develop her own sense of movement, balance and motor skills. With a unique ergonomic shape, the bouncer’s design ensures my Baby’s back and head is well supported at all times.

The bouncer is intuitive to set up with a safety harness which fastens with buttons across Baby’s waist until your little one can sit up on their own. The frame of the BabyBjorn Balance can be adjusted to different positions. When the frame of the bouncer is placed at the greatest angle it is in ‘Play’ mode. To change the position of the BabyBjorn Balance, simply lift the positioner on the frame of the bouncer, at the same time as you lift the backrest with your other hand. The next angle down is ‘Rest’ mode and when the bouncer is at the slightest angle it is in ‘Sleep’ mode. The last position is totally flat which is ‘Transportation mode’.

Due to the popularity of the BabyBjorn Balance with my newborn baby, I have been taking it everywhere with me. I collapse it flat and place it in the boot ready for use at our destination, whether it be a friend’s place, mother’s group or playgroup. The bouncer is light weight at 2.25kg and compact measuring 39 x 79 cm when collapsed. It’s a breeze to transport and set up ready for use with Baby.

The mesh cover is easy to wash, simply loosen the two elastic loops at the bottom, pull it off the frame and machine wash it.

The practicality of the BabyBjorn Babysitter Balance makes it a fantastic choice of bouncer for Baby. In addition to the ‘mesh’ fabric, the bouncer is also available in ‘cotton mix’ and ‘organic cotton’. To find out more on the Babysitter Balance visit the BabyBjorn website.


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Steelcraft Agile Travel System

Posted by Diana on Friday Sep 14, 2012 Under Baby Travel

Leaving hospital with a newborn is a momentous day for any new parent. The capsule for my Baby’s first car trip needed to be of the highest safety standard, be light-weight and comfortable for my newborn. The Steelcraft Infant Carrier is designed to meet all relevant Australian and New Zealand Safety Standards. At 3.75kg the carrier weighs less than my newborn, making it a realistic option for any new Mum who wants a light-weight high performance carrier. It transported the newest member of our little family home from hospital with ease.

The Steelcraft Infant Carrier is packed with design features making it wonderfully comfortable for my newborn girl who is still developing her head and neck strength. The capsule features a snug inner seat pad plus Head Support, Harness Pads and Crotch Buckle Cover.

The base and the capsule are really simple to install in your car – making life easy for new parents with enough going on in their world. The base is well labelled with simple instructions. A belt cover at the rear of the base allows you to feed the seat belt through the holes each side of the base. The base allows for a 3 position base incline for a better car seat fit and even has a well labeled red guide-line on the base to help you with installation. Check the manual in the base for a detailed guide to installation.

The carrier fits into the base in a rearward facing position and hearing the ‘click’ indicates the capsule is engaged. You can simply pull the capsule handle to check it is fully engaged. Clear instructions on the capsule show you how to install the capsule and attach the upper anchorage strap around the carrier to the car’s anchorage point. And you’re all done ready to drive.

The Steelcraft Infant Carrier performs as well fitted into it’s base in the car, as it performs fitted into a compatible stroller. The Steelcraft Infant Carrier isn’t just compatible with the Steelcraft Agile Stroller but with other Britax strollers too! An Infant Carrier Compatibility Chart is available on the Britax website to show compatibility between carriers and their stroller counterparts. I love the concept of a travel system – having a compatible stroller and carrier so you don’t have to wake Baby to transfer her from car to stroller. The Steelcraft Infant Carrier allows a one-handed release for the multi-tasking parent. The ergonomic handle has been designed to allow the capsule to be easily carried on your forearm – another design feature I adore as a busy parent.

The Steelcraft Agile Stroller includes adaptors for travel system use. An indicator panel near the capsule handle changes from ‘red’ to ‘green’ when the capsule is securely fitted onto the stroller. This helpful feature gives a new parent piece of mind that we’re good to ‘Go’ and stroll when the indicator is ‘Green’. The capsule fits in the stroller in a rearward position with your baby facing you. It is reassuring to see Baby’s face while in the stroller and make eye contact when Baby is awake.

Both the Steelcraft Infant Carrier and the Steelcraft Agile Stroller feature generous extendable canopies. Another advantage of the capsule being rearward facing, is the canopy of the capsule and the canopy of the stroller nearly meet in the middle, offering double sun protection for Baby’s precious skin. The sun canopy on the stroller has a removable flap for additional air circulation. A Peek-a-boo window with a quiet magnet closure ensures you can see Baby even with the canopy in use. A canopy pocket allows easy storage and access to items like water bottles and mobile phones. While the shopping basket underneath can carry up to 4kg.

When the stroller isn’t being used with the capsule it is still an awesome vehicle for transporting little ones. The stroller is light-weight at just 7.5kg – yet it can carry from newborn to 22kg! This demonstrates the well engineered and high performance nature of Steelcraft Agile Stroller. The maneuverability of the stroller is fantastic with front lockable swivel wheels. It has handled well on all surfaces, grass and pavement on visits to our local playground. I was able to steer the pram one handed and hold my toddler’s hand with my free hand. The brakes on the rear wheels are linked, so one push on either rear brake will apply the brakes to both wheels. The Steelcraft Agile Stroller has been designed to meet the “Prams and Strollers – Safety Requirements” Australian and New Zealand standard AS/NZS2088.

The standout feature for me of the stroller is the one-lift fold. It is so quick and simple to fold the Steelcraft Agile Stroller with two simple steps. Step 1 – Press the red button on the right side of the stroller and Step 2 – Lift the strap located in the seat. It is that easy to fold this stroller. To unfold the stroller, release the automatic lock and swing open the stroller until you hear the click of the auto frame lock.

While the Agile Travel System is compatible to fit the Infant Carrier, the Stroller and Carrier are sold separately. The Stroller is available in a range of colours, including Black, Red and Forest. The carrier is available in Shell, Red and Forest. I like the neutral tones of my Shell Carrier and Black Stroller. To find out more on the Steelcraft Agile Travel System and the recently launched Agile Plus Travel System, visit the Britax website.


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Rverse XLR Toddler Seat and Maxi Cosi Adaptor

Posted by Diana on Wednesday Aug 8, 2012 Under Baby Travel

To accommodate both a toddler and a newborn, I’ve fitted the Toddler Seat to my bebe care Rverse XLR. It was so simple! The toddler seat snaps into place at the rear of the pram and the shopping basket area acts as the ultimate footrest, with plenty of space for my toddler to recline and stretch out.

The toddler seat can adjust to two headrest positions, reclined and upright.  The toddler seat also has a nifty canopy. To give my toddler plenty of headroom when sitting upright, a simple accessory clicks into place to raise the height of the bassinet above. It really is the prefect pram for a toddler and a baby.

Swish mudguards come with the Rverse XLR Toddler Seat for the pram’s rear wheels. As well as adding even more style to this pram, they ensure my fashionable little toddler stays clean. A five point harness keeps my toddler safely secure in her toddler seat.

The toddler seat is designed for use from birth to 16kg, so there is great longevity. My toddler is already climbing into the toddler seat and pointing out the bassinet above is for her ‘baby sister’ which is just gorgeous! The toddler seat is well constructed and the black fabric is easily maintained with a quick wipe down.

Another great accessory for the Rverse XLR is the Maxi Cosi Adaptor. The adaptor clicks into place and is fully compatible with the Maxi Cosi Car Seat Capsule. This accessory makes the transfer of a precious newborn asleep in her capsule, from the car to the stroller – seamless. The stroller can be folded without removing the bracket making life easier for everyone!

The Toddler Seat and Maxi Cosi Adaptor highlight the versatility of the bebe care Rverse XLR for accommodating two little ones. To find out more about the Rverse XLR, Toddler Seat and Maxi Cosi Adaptor visit the CNP Brands website.

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Rverse XLR – The Compact Convertible

Posted by Diana on Monday Jul 16, 2012 Under Baby Travel

If you’re looking for a pram that is a compact convertible, which will transport your baby in a swish set of wheels, from newborn through to toddlerhood – the Rverse XLR may be your vehicle. Even the name sounds sporty!

The bebe care Rverse XLR has a bassinet which converts to a fully reclinable seat by simply adjusting or loosening a strap. Plus rearward or forward facing seating options – the combinations are endless. Since it consists of two main elements, the frame with wheels and the bassinet/seat, it folds down compactly to a flat fold.

While test driving this pram, I’ve noticed the wheel suspension is fantastic and the pram provides a really smooth ride for Baby. The maneavourability is great with a full swivel on the wheels. The wheels are fully lockable, with cable linked rear brakes and a seperate release pedal. The adjustable foam handle means the pram can be driven by parents of different heights with ease.

While behind the wheel, it’s easy to check what Baby is doing, with a viewing window on the large extendable hood. You can rest assured that Baby is safely enjoying the smooth ride in the 5 point safety harness. Harness protectors are included for extra comfort too.

The Rverse XLR is a comfort mobile, with my little one falling  asleep 5 times out of 10 when taking her shopping in this pram. Whilst she sleeps, I can fill the shopping basket at the base of the pram with all my purchases – especially given the generous weight limit of 5kg for the shopping basket. With side and front access to the shopping basket, I can be sure not to disturb her blissful sleep (and my shopping expedition)! When it’s time to go home I know there is plenty of room in the boot for my compact convertible and all the shopping.

Next month I’m expecting my second baby and I’m quite excited the Rverse XLR will accommodate both my Newborn and Toddler. The Rverse XLR is compatible with popular brands of baby capsules, including the Maxi Cosi range of capsules and the Britax: Hipod, Unity, Strider, Orion and Cruiser capsules. The transition of my newborn baby in her car capsule to her pram will be seamless. The Rverse XLR includes ride on board clips for the Lascal Buggy Board. I can already envisage my toddler riding on the buggy board demonstrating her physical prowess to her newborn sister in her capsule. The Luscal Buggy Board is sold seperately, so I promise pictures and a full review of the buggy board in an upcoming post.

The bebe care Rverse XLR can also take a Toddler Seat too! Accessories such as the Adaptors for the Baby Capsule, Adaptors for the Toddler Seat and Toddler Seat itself are available for purchase separately. More information about the full range of bebe care products, Rverse XLR and Accessories, can be found on the CNP Brands website.

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Brica Travel Accessories

Posted by Daisy on Monday Mar 5, 2012 Under Baby Travel

We have all heard that life is about the journey not just the destination, but I have found this a challenge to believe with a squirming, worming screaming toddler on my knee in Economy. If travelling with kids, I find it best to turn the journey into a fun adventure and to be seriously organised.

We have found the Maclaren Travel Accessories great to keep things organised, and have recently discovered the Brica Travel Range, which we are finding to be amazing to keep the whole family happy and my blood pressure at a reasonable level!

Fold-and-go Travel Booster: The Fold-and-go Travel Booster is a portable little seat that folds into a compact little bundle and unfolds in seconds. It has a 3-point harness, is strong and stable and straps onto a chair turning it into a portable highchair. We have found it really handy to keep in the car, incase of an impromptu visit to friends or a restaurant. Also the fabric is stain-resistant and easy to clean. It’s my favourite in the range.

2-in-1 Travel Tote: This is a staple for us on any long car trip. It hangs from the back of our front passenger seat and is filled with things that keep Toddler entertained. There are multiple pockets of different sizes and I find it really handy that some are zippered to secure things such as snacks, crayons and sunscreen. Also it is handy how the whole Travel Tote can be easily moved from car to stroller.

Clip-on Wipes: If like me you like to have baby wipes handy at all times, you will just love the Clip-on Wipes. It is a simple and attractive little pack that clips on almost anywhere. The main advantage of this is that I don’t have to continually reach into a pram or bag pocket to find the wipes. It is easy to open and closes tightly to help retain moisture. It includes 30 compact antimicrobial wipes of which you can get refills, however I have found the case can accommodate any sized wipe when folded.

Snack Pod: The Snack Pod is another winner. It is basically a little pod that can attach to any car seat or pram, which holds snacks and drinks within your child’s easy reach. The cup holder has non-slip inserts to accommodate most drink sizes and the snack cup is dishwasher safe. The Snack Pod has an adjustable knob, which makes installation quick and easy and requires no assembly.

Handy Hook: The Handy Hook is surprisingly strong and can keep your bag safe from potentially germy surfaces. It can hold anything such as your handbag or nappy bag and can hang from shopping trollies, public change tables or handles. It has no sharp edges making it child-friendly and to ensure it will not scratch any surfaces.

UV Alert Shade: This sunshade is clever. It sits patiently in its rolled up position, allowing Toddler to watch out his window until UV rays are present. It then alerts us by its colour indicator turning blue. It is easy to install and apparently fits most vehicles. It also has a push release button to automatically roll up the sunshade.

Overall we have found our Brica accessories help in keeping things neat and organised in everyday life as well as on long trips. These products are obviously thoroughly designed and well made.

For more information on any of the above products as well as the full range of Brica accessories, please visit CNP Brands.

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