Comfi Caprice – safety meets comfy

Posted by Diana on Monday Jan 20, 2014 Under Baby Travel

ComfiCapriceSafety is always at the forefront of your mind when selecting a car seat for your little one. An independent source of information which I have found useful when researching car seat safety is CREP (Child Restraint Evaluation Program). This organisation tests car seats in a crash lab with crash test dummies – really!

On the CREP website, simply choose from the following age groups: ‘Babies up to approx 6 or 12 months’, ‘Children approximately 6 months to 4 years’ and ‘Older children 4 to 10 years’. Some of the most well know car seats are listed in front of you and you can tick boxes to compare the car seat ratings!

The InfaSecure Comfi-Cruiser is one of the safest car seats for children aged between 6 months and 8 years old. Building on this commitment to safety, InfaSecure have recently released the Comfi Caprice for children aged between 6 months and 4 years old in the in-built harness, and through to 8 years old as a booster seat. Innovations have been made on safety, comfort and ergonomics when creating the Comfi Caprice – the newest addition to the Infasecure family!

The safety features of the Comfi Caprice include the same deep energy absorbing side wings and blow moulded backrest which offer protection for side impact. The unique shape of the seat base and the sloped surface results in a safer response of the seat in frontal impact situations.

When the Comfi Caprice is in booster mode, the arm rests work in tandem with the new base to keep the lap belt down across the lap of your little one. A Safe Grip Belt Clamp ensures the belt does not ride up into the soft abdomen region. In addition, the belt path is under-the-seat rather than through-the-back-rest for enhanced safety in a frontal impact situation. All round there has been great attention to safety in the design of the Comfi Caprice.

Did I mention it is comfy? The new ergonomic shape of the Comfi Caprice, has a high backrest and even has a recline position, making it super comfy for my little one. The redesigned inserts and cover are made from a soft fabric which is available in six stylish colours. Accessories for the Comfi Caprice include a full length seat protector and a removable cup holder. To find out more about the Comfi Caprice and the full suite of car seats visit the InfaSecure website

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Summer with the BabyBjorn Travel Cot Light

Posted by Peter on Thursday Nov 7, 2013 Under Baby Travel, Uncategorized

Babies tend to be fussy creatures, especially when it comes to sleep. So when you’re travelling away from home it’s vital your child has somewhere secure to rest.

But with all the gear new parents have to carry, you can’t very well pack a full-sized cot into your luggage. Instead, you’ll need a crib that’s as compact as it is cosy.

The BabyBjorn Travel Cot Light is our top pick in travel cots. At an ultra-lightweight 6 kilograms, it doesn’t sacrifice portability for comfort.

Baby_Bjorn_CotOur family had no trouble setting up the cot in seconds. In one movement, we unfolded it from the smart carry bag and lay it on the floor. Such ease of use makes it perfect for frequent short trips away or even afternoon naps at grandma’s.

The sturdy foam mattress don’t sag in the middle and has none of the hassles of inflating mattresses. It lies virtually flat on the ground, providing great support for our little girl’s back and head. And unlike some other brands, you can even tuck sheets and blankets underneath the mattress so your child feels safe and secure. The mesh is now to the floor – an improvement on the original BabyBjorn travel cot.

Baby fell asleep first go in the cot at home, which means we can plan our summer holidays safe in the knowledge our night-timeswill be restful and relaxing.

The updated black mesh walls will be especially useful in our Australian summer, allowing ample air-flow on hot days near the beach. And because the minimalist design looks so stylish and the footprint is compact, we don’t even bother packing the cot away at home. Instead, we find it makes a handy and discreet day bed in the lounge room or bedroom – wherever we like, actually, as it’s so easy to move!

When the time comes to clean the cot, we can easily remove and machine wash the fabric. To find out more about the BabyBjorn Travel Cot Light and other gorgeous products visit the BabyBjorn website.

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Bambino Bling

Posted by Diana on Wednesday Oct 2, 2013 Under Baby presents

bambino_blingMy Baby is fashion savvy and notices any new fashion accessory I wear. Baby will swipe to reach my new earrings and tug at a novel necklace. Then, of course, there is the taste test, ‘yummy bracelet mummy’ her sparkling eyes will tell me, as my teething little one proceeds to chew on my jewellery.

Well Bambino Bling jewellery is something special for my Baby to really ‘chew over’! Made from silicone, ever so stylish Bambino Bling allows Baby to admire and taste my wears – while I have peace of mind that my jewellery is made from non-toxic, 100% BPA free silicone.

A particular feature I love on my necklace is the ‘breakaway clasp’, which results in the necklace coming off in one piece if Baby tugs too hard. Any Mum who has experienced the sound (and resulting chaos) of cascading beads tumbling to the floor from a broken necklace, will appreciate the value in a ‘breakaway clasp’ preventing this situation. I’ve noticed there is a knot in between each bead on the necklace, reinforcing the strength of the necklace and highlighting the quality craftsmanship of each piece of Bambino Bling jewellery.

I’m impressed by the fabulous functionality, quality and design, of Bambino Bling jewellery, making it a brilliant gift idea – especially with Christmas around the corner! The jewellery is easily cleaned with warm soapy water or can be put on the top shelf of the dishwasher.

Any gift ordered from the Bambino Bling website is gift wrapped in a divine pink box. To find out more visit Bambino Bling

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babybjorn_soft_bouncerNew parents can find themselves juggling any number of odd jobs while caring for a small child. But without a spare set of hands, baby wrangling and housework can prove a tricky combination. In those moments you can’t devote to endless kisses and cuddles, a bouncer provides the perfect perch for Baby to watch the day-to-day goings-on at home.

Over the past few weeks our family has been putting a popular classic to the test. A half-century after the release of its first bouncer, BabyBjorn has added softer features and improved curves to its new Bouncer Balance Soft.

We’ve found the ergonomic design perfectly snug and comfy for our little girl. She loves rocking away in the supportive seat and, if your baby is anything like ours, she’ll enjoy having her own secure space to play and giggle while never being more than a few steps from dad or mum.

We found the padded safety harness easy to adjust, which means we can slip bub in and out of the bouncer without fiddling with awkward buckles that can restrict movement.Bouncer_Balance_Soft_black_mesh

We especially love the three height settings, which let our little catnapper play, rest and snooze in the one spot without endless trips to and from the cot.

The super-sleek design, available in black/dark grey cotton or black/grey mesh, looks great in our modern home while the lightweight fold-flat design makes it super portable and easy to store. The mesh fabric is removable and machine-washable, too – a godsend for the hygiene freaks among us.

Best of all, even at seven months our baby still has many months of use left in the bouncer. Once she learns to walk, we can reverse the fabric and turn the bouncer into a toddler chair (for children up to 13 kilograms). Visit the BabyBjorn website for more information on the BabyBjorn Bouncer Balance Soft.

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BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One – The One and Only

Posted by Alison on Tuesday Aug 27, 2013 Under Baby presents, Baby Travel, Newborn

Baby_Bjorn_One_CarrierAt 2 months old, it was time for Baby to go to watch his Dad play soccer. Dad proudly carried Baby to the oval in the BabyBjorn Baby Carrier One to introduce Baby to his soccer mates. The Baby Carrier One is the new multifunctional front and back baby carrier from BabyBjorn.

When Dad went on the field to play, I took Baby in the Baby Carrier One. Despite our large size difference, it was quick and easy for Dad and me to swap the carrier between us with a few small adjustments. To put on the Baby Carrier One, slip the straps over your head like you are putting on a jumper, then adjust the back yoke and fasten the waist belt. After loosening the shoulder straps and unbuckling the head support and safety buckle on one side, Baby can be placed in the carrier. Then simply fasten all buckles and adjust the straps.

After a few short moments of watching Dad play, Baby fell asleep. In the special newborn position, with Baby facing me, I find that he magically falls asleep. This is, of course, one of my favourite features! The Baby Carrier One has been developed with paediatricians to provide the right support for baby’s head, back and hips, so I can be reassured knowing that Baby is physically supported and comfortable. The Baby Carrier One is also the most comfortable carrier I have used with its generously padded shoulder straps and waist belt which helps to relieve pressure off my shoulders and back, so that I can carry Baby for longer periods in comfort.

While we are getting so much use out of the Baby Carrier One now, it is the one and only carrier we will need. It can be used from birth (3.5 kilograms) to 3 years (15 kilograms), which is a surprise considering how much babies grow and change in size in that time. In addition to the newborn position, the Baby Carrier One can be used to carry your 4 month + old baby inward facing (in either the normal leg or wide leg position) and outward facing, as well as carrying your 12 month + old baby on your back. The Baby Carrier One is the first BabyBjorn Carrier that allows you to carry your baby on your back. I was surprised to see that you can place your baby safely on your back on your own, by first placing your baby in the carrier on your front and then moving the baby to your back with a simple action. I can only imagine how cute Baby will look being carried on Dad’s back to his very own first game of soccer…

A very useful accessory for the Baby Carrier One is the bib, which will protect the carrier from your baby’s drips and drools, when they face outwards. It is reassuring that the carrier, which is made from certified cotton, is also machine washable in case of any spills! To find out more about the BabyBjorn Carrier One and accessories visit the BabyBjorn website.

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Created by Nature

Posted by Diana on Tuesday Jul 30, 2013 Under Baby grooming

BabyFaceGirlMy baby has very sensitive skin and I’m always interested in natural ways of cleansing my baby’s skin during bath time. It was by chance that I found out about DermaVeen bath treatment – made from natural colloidal oatmeal.

Colloidal oatmeal is simply oats ground into a fine powder. When added to bathwater, it disperses making the water appear milky and this prevents the oatmeal from settling. So the oatmeal stays in the water and doesn’t sink to the bottom of the bath. The colloidal oatmeal coats, moisturises, relieves, softens, and protects my baby’s precious skin.

DermaVeen bath treatment is Australian made. The bath treatment can be used to relieve the symptoms of dry, irritated and itchy skin associated with a range of skin conditions, including; eczema and nappy rash.

The bath treatment is pH balanced, preservative free and contains no paragons, dyes or fragrances.

It’s perfect for sensitive skin and so easy to use in baby’s bath. I just sprinkle one tablespoon in her baby bath and avoid using any soap. The next day her sensitive skin has settled and she looks radiantly beautiful.

For more information on the bath treatment and full range of DermaVeen products visit the DermaVeen website

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Luxi Crown – Innovative, Safe and Versatile

Posted by Diana on Wednesday Jun 26, 2013 Under Baby Travel

InfaSecure_LuxiCrownAfter I park the car, I peer over my shoulder and see my baby fast asleep in her InfaSecure Luxi Crown (Series 2) car seat. My baby is 10 months old, facing rearward and is in a lap of luxury in her Luxi Crown car seat.

The InfaSecure Luxi Crown is truly innovative – one of the first car seats for use from Newborn to 8 years old. I’m so pleased my baby is so comfortable, as she will be using the same car seat, when travelling through her newborn, toddler, pre-school & school days!

The Luxi Crown shines with versatility, allowing three configurations – rearward facing for infants, forward facing with harness for younger children and booster seat mode for older children. The Luxi Crown (Series 2) features a single belt path for all three modes, allowing easy installation.

A car seat such as the Luxi Crown, which has the capability of all three configurations, allows great longevity and presents real value for money. Safety features of the Luxi Crown (Series 2) include; a blow moulded air-filled adjustable headrest, five shoulder slot heights and nine recline positions.

The car seat includes a lumbar support insert which is ergonomically designed and an infant insert for smaller babies for additional comfort. Shoulder and crotch buckle pads, a large sunhood and a seat protector are included with the car seat.

The velour fabric covering the car seat is beautifully soft. The cover is attached to the shell with press studs, making the car seat cover easy to remove and clean. The Luxi Crown (Series 2) comes in three colours; Red, Taupe and Black.

To find out more information on the InfaSecure Luxi Crown (Series 2) and the full range of InfaSecure products visit their website. Keep up with the latest news on the InfaSecure facebook page.

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Natures Sway Hammocks

Posted by Diana on Monday May 20, 2013 Under Newborn

Natures_Sway_1I first encountered Natures Sway hammocks during a yoga class at Yoga Baby. Mums would lay their bubs to rest at intervals during the class in the hammocks and miraculously the babies would sleep.

Having never tried a hammock before, I wondered whether my babe would fall asleep as quickly as the others. As you can see from the pictures, she fell fast asleep in the comfort of the Natures Sway Hammock.

Hammocks are a wonderful alternative to western style cribs and are used allover the world to provide a perfect sleeping environment for baby. The Natures Sway hammocks are designed in New Zealand and are made from double-boiled cotton calico or organic hemp / cotton blend fabric held in place by a hard wood beam to ensure the fabric keeps apart. At the top of the hammock is a spring which allows the hammock to be bounced gently lulling baby to sleep. The hammock has been designed to support weight up to 15kgs.

Once baby is trying to roll over, sit up or wriggle around, the hammock is no longer suitable. However, in the early months, it is such a restful chilled place for baby to sleep.

The Natures Sway baby hammocks come with a natural New Zealand wool mattress. The woolen mattress provides beautiful warmth for winter babies and coolness during the summer months too. To find out more about the Natures Sway Hammocks and the full range of accessories visit the Natures Sway website.


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Hi-Diner Booster Seat – Sturdy, Durable and Timeless

Posted by Diana on Monday Apr 29, 2013 Under Feeding Baby

InfaSecure Hi-Diner BoosterMy little girl had outgrown her highchair at mealtime and yet she was too little to reach the table when seated in our dining chairs. After weeks of awkward eating I discovered the InfaSecure Hi-Diner Booster Seat and mealtimes have been so much easier ever since.

I liked the ‘retro’ design of the ‘Hi-Diner’ booster and thought I’d give it a try. So far it’s been great for dining at home or out in restaurants. In fact, my husband remembers sitting in similar boosters, in diners throughout the US, when he was growing up. Put simply the InfaSecure Hi-Diner Booster is sturdy, durable and timeless.

The Hi-Diner Booster is child’s play to assemble. Simply place the adjustable seat harness strap inbetween the two bases and secure with the screws included with the booster. It took me less than 10 minutes to put together.

One base has a greater depth to accommodate large children, while the other base accommodates smaller children. I just selected the base suitable for my child and secured the booster to my dining chair with the seat harness.

The InfaSecure Booster is available in three different colours, I chose the neutral coloured booster to suit my decor.

Not only does the InfaSecure Booster provide a safer seat for my child during mealtimes, she can now see her food properly, use her cutlery better and seems to enjoy mealtimes more. She likes her new booster so much that she affectionately refers to it as ‘rooster’ – too cute.

To find out more about the Hi-Diner Booster and the full range of InfaSecure products visit the InfaSecure website.


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Baby’s first foods

Posted by Diana on Thursday Mar 28, 2013 Under Feeding Baby

BellamysBaby has just started eating her first solid foods. After observing us eating from the comfort of her bouncer, she now has her own seat at the table. Her first food is Bellamy’s Organic Baby Rice Cereal.

She sits proudly upright at the breakfast table and even taps the table in excitement as I approach her with a bowl of Bellamy’s Organic Baby Rice cereal. It’s simple to prepare, I just add 1-2 teaspoons of the rice cereal with baby’s usual milk or cooled boiled water. I then mix it to a smooth consistency for Baby. As Baby has developed her ability to eat solids, the consistency has become less runny and I am now adding homemade stewed apple and pears to the mix.

Other foods which I have introduced, include mashed banana and pumpkin. Baby enjoyed the banana but wasn’t such a fan of the pumpkin.

I think it’s important to introduce Baby to healthy foods and I am satisfied that only certified organic ingredients are used in Bellamy’s products. Bellamy’s babyfoods are made in Australia and are free of synthetic additives and preservatives.

As Baby’s palate develops, I am quite keen to introduce Bellamy’s Organic Baby Porridge, Apple & Cinnamon Breakfast and Banana & Vanilla Rice Cereal. To find out more about the full range of Bellamy’s products visit the Bellamy’s website.

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